Lost Ark developers detail bot bans and matchmaking fixes in March update

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Posted by IGGM from the Agriculture category at 16 Mar 2022 01:19:50 am.
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When Lost Ark launched in the West in February, it was a huge success. Since then, the popularity of this new mmo game has been high. However, although Lost Ark is very successful in the hearts of many mmo fans, over time, people gradually discovered some problems with the game, which reduced their experience. Following the recent March update, developer Smilegate RPG shared what players can expect from them in the future.

The Lost Ark developers shared an update on their current development priorities in a post on the game’s official website. One of the topics discussed here is bot accounts floating around Lost Ark servers. Especially those trying to trick users into buying gold from third-party sites, except legitimate Lost Ark Gold sellers.

A bot ban on more than a million illegal accounts has been in effect in the past few days. This measure solves most of the existing robot problems, but does not eradicate them. However, this is at least very positive and conducive to the long-term healthy development of Lost Ark. The developers will continue to roll out additional bans regularly to clear more bots from the game.

The March update also fixed matchmaking issues, which Smilegate RPG reports has brought about a big improvement. In the update, the developers will also continue to monitor matches in Lost Ark. They also detailed the recently added language filter, which lets players choose a specific language for their game chat. Smilegate RPG wraps up its update by encouraging fans to report any bugs they encounter, as the developers are still fine-tuning the experience.

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