Lost Ark players can buy Omen Skin for Blue Crystals but not now

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Posted by IGGM from the Agriculture category at 15 Mar 2022 01:12:02 am.
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As we all know, Lost Ark got a slew of updates in March. New content includes interesting new stories, a new Abyss Raid boss, new events, locations, bug fixes and much more. As an MMO game, players love to show off their fancy looks, and it also comes with a brand new Omen skin set. The new Omen skin set has caught the attention of players with its dazzling appearance. This will cost 2,000 Royal Crystals, which is a lot more than the value of 2,000 Lost Ark Gold, so that’s a lot of money.

Unfortunately, players won’t be able to use Blue Crystals to Buy Omen Skins in Lost Ark. Currently, they can only buy these skins for 2,000 Royal Crystals or the Omen Pack for 2,400 Royal Crystals, which grants you the Omen and Omen weapon skins. There’s also a special Omen Pack of 3,800 Royal Crystals, which adds a Ghost Horse on top of the rest.

While players wished they would be able to buy the Blue Crystals skin, since all previous skins were available for purchase with that currency, this is not the case this time around. Still, there is a workaround, they can finally get the Omen skins using Blue Crystals. The limited-time skin isn’t available in BC, but people can still buy it at the Auction House for Gold. Since they can buy gold with Blue Crystals, that means you can exchange your BC for gold and use that gold to buy Omen skins. The only problem here is that the price will vary as players will decide it. Still, this is the only way you can currently buy a set with Blue Crystals.

The Omen skins will come back and go into the regular skin rotation in the store, where the other purchasable skins are, and then you can use the Sapphire as normal. There’s a last resort, though, which is to wait for them to enter the store’s “normal” rotation. Don’t expect them to be back soon after the April deadline, though.

Therefore, players should still focus on the new challenges that are currently available. They can practice one by one according to their own strength, and maybe they can get more rare loot from it. If they need stronger help, they can follow IGGM to learn more useful guides and buy Lost Ark Gold, which is nice.
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