About 200K Lost Ark players quit because Easy Gold Farming for Bots is no longer available

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Posted by IGGM from the Agriculture category at 14 Mar 2022 02:31:00 am.
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There have been many reports of Easy Gold Farming for Bots all over Lost Ark. Amazon Games has taken various measures such as frequent bans to curb the worsening of this phenomenon. But also because of that, they've lost 200,000 concurrent users, which isn't a bad thing.

Spam accounts and bots are a rampant problem in Lost Ark, and some servers currently have more bots than actual players, especially during normal rather than peak gaming hours. Now, to fix this, Amazon has removed the 7k Gold friendly reward from Feiton NPCs and replaced it with silver.

This used to be the easiest way for bots to earn gold and do things to hundreds of characters at once. Before this update, Lost Ark had around 800k concurrent players before the update, and after the update, the player count dropped to 590k.

This is a very good thing for the long-term development of Lost Ark. This means that Amazon has found an effective way to curb the number of bots in their games, which will ensure that problems with the in-game economy don't pop up.

On the other hand, the current number of players is an indicator of the actual number of players, and the number is not small. Those who really love Lost Ark will also gradually join the game, as the biggest issues are slowly but surely being addressed. Amazon has learned its lesson from New World and doesn't plan to see Lost Ark crumble in the same way.

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