Where To Find A Mokoko Seed In Lost Ark Prideholme?

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Posted by IGGM from the Agriculture category at 11 Mar 2022 01:11:40 am.
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If you’re not familiar with Lost Ark’s Mokoko Seeds, Prideholme Village is the perfect place to collect them. Not only is Prideholme the oldest and therefore one of the most accessible areas in Lost Ark, but it lets you know that not all Mokoko Seeds hidden in Arkesia are just hidden behind some bushes, maybe players can also find in those Discover treasure and Lost Ark Gold in unexplored areas.

While collecting Mokoko Seed isn’t a big deal, players can exchange these pear-shaped cuties for goodies in Tortoyk’s Mokoko Village at a later stage. In order to make it easier to find Mokoko Seeds, IGGM has written a rich guide for your reference. Interested Lost Ark players can log on to IGGM’s website and go to the news page to read a more detailed guide.

The first Mokoko Seed you find is definitely the easiest to spot, as it’s right next to Prideholme Vista Point at the edge of the big tree. It’s hard to miss this, especially when you’re taking Neria to explore Prideholme. If you’re crowded when visiting the place, just move your mouse around until you find the “Interact” icon or just spam the “G” key.

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