Dreams About Crows

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Crows are medium-sized, mostly black birds, with a sinister symbolism among people. They usually symbolize death, bad luck, misfortune, receiving bad news, ill omens, signs of life changes, usually for the worse, etc.

Crows are very intelligent birds, and because of that they also symbolize intelligence.

These dreams are often consider an omen of an approaching death or receiving bad news usually about someone’s ill health or death. In rare cases, these dreams could represent a premonition of your own death.

Crows in dreams often symbolize fears, negative emotions, illness, health issues, stress, anxiety, etc.

They are often an announcement of difficulties and challenges you could soon encounter which could be the cause of great grief or sadness.

Often crows in dreams announce some significant changes happening soon in your life or changes you are going through already. Crows can be a good sign as well, and often indicate your desire to learn something new.

They could also be an indication of your intelligence and developed intuition.

These birds in your dream could be an encouragement to trust your inner guidance and intuition when making important decisions and deciding on some actions you need to take.

Dreams About Crows – Meaning and Interpretation
Dreaming of a crow or crows – If you dreamed of a crow or several crows, that dream could symbolically represent your relationship with someone. That relationship is most likely solely based on physical attractiveness and lacks feelings and emotions.

Dreaming of a single crow – If you saw one crow in your dream, that dream could symbolize your narrow-mindedness and disagreeing with someone about something important.

Dreaming of a crow standing beside you – If you dreamed of a crow standing right beside you, that dream could indicate your indecisiveness and inability to decide on your own.

Dreaming of several crows – If you dreamed of seeing several crows in a group, that dream could symbolize your naivety and being easily influenced by others. Maybe you don’t feel confident enough in your intellectual abilities and you tend to ignore your needs, usually intellectual.

Dreaming of crows flying – If you dreamed of a flock of crows flying that dream is not a good sign, often indicating the death of someone close, and invitation to this person’s funeral.

Dreaming of a crow chasing you – If you dreamed of being chased by a crow, that dream could indicate getting yourself involved in some wrong doings, such as committing some crime acts or doing other bad things, and fearing the punishment by the karmic laws.
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