How to Choose The Best Driving Instructor

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Posted by Nickmmw from the Education category at 21 Dec 2020 01:14:36 am.
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In your quest of learning to drive proficiently, a large part is played by the instructor and the vehicle you choose to practice on. While the difference between vehicles can either be in their transmission (manual or automatic) or size (hash-back, sedan or SUV) but the difference in your instructor cannot be quantified or objectively spoken of. Some people prefer to have a strict driving instructor to learn in a more focused and disciplined way and not miss any classes. While others prefer someone, who is more patient with them in order to have a more relaxed and easy-going experience. It actually depends on what your learning style is and how you are motivated into picking up the skill set the quickest.
Following are some things to keep in mind while choosing a driving instructor to make the most out of the learning experience.
1. Certified Professional
Government policies in approving one as a certified driving instructor are known to be very strict. This is why having a driving school which is government approved ensures that your money is in safe hands as well as worth the learning experience that will be passed on. When looking to assess if the instructor you'll be paying is worth the salt or no, the very basic is to have one who is certified and approved the least.
2. Scan your circles or refer to testimonials
The best is to scan your family and social circles to have a proficient driving instructor referred. Someone who has had a personal experience with an instructor can always give a much fairer idea of how their teaching style is like and if that would suit you. For this reason, you can also refer to testimonials and/or feedbacks given by former learners describing their real time journey with thee instructor. Accreditation alone cannot be a good indicator. This is why testimonials go hand in hand in highlighting the strengths, weaknesses and an account on how you may learn with the driving instructor.
Courtesy the mutual link one tends to believe choices suggested by family and peer groups more and also because they know you well enough to advise better. However, if you don't get a reference, you can always get your insights from testimonials, feedbacks and star-based ratings.
3. Flexible Scheduling & Bookings
Ensure that your driving instructor is flexible in a way that allows the rescheduling of bookings easily. You might also want to check in the cancellation policy and how reasonable is it. By reviewing the instructor's booking guidelines, you will have a fair idea of which driving instructor is good and matches your schedule.
Learning to drive for the first time or on a new land, it can be intimidating for you. By prioritizing your requirements of a driving instructor in mind, you can reach your goals faster while making the most out of your learning time.
4. Soft Skills
Apart from the accreditation, there are various other skills that come into play when teaching or instructing someone. Of course, the basic qualifications have to be in place along with the legal certifications but there are many things beyond that. Good communication skills are important to impart the lessons clearly and coherently to the learner and give the essential feedback. Further, a patient and humble instructor makes sure that you get a comfortable and friendly enough environment to learn and pick-up the skills quickly. The more you feel safe, heard and understood the more chances are of you learning the skill sooner and in the most appropriate way.
5. Multi-lingual
The best-case scenario is if the instructor speaks your mother tongue and imparts the driving lessons in the same language. You can search for various instructors who speak your language and can give you lessons in your native language, this way you can learn much faster in a homely, familiar environment.
6. Aligning with your goals
Whether you're learning to drive for the first time, brushing-up for a driving test, or converting an international license, ensure initially itself that your driving instructor is well-equipped to assist you with your custom needs.
Learning to drive can be a nerve-racking journey, so make sure there is a good understanding between you two and that you're comfortable enough with the driving instructor before hitting the roads. Driving for the first time ever or taking a recap lesson, it is important to be completely ready. By taking driving lessons under a professional driving instructor, you will learn much better in a safe environment with lots pro tips to keep handy when you hit the roads. Safe journey, folks!

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