Buy New Replacement CLEVO ADP-150VB Laptop ac adapter

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Posted by anna201 from the Business category at 26 Oct 2020 04:00:30 am.
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Buy New Replacement CLEVO ADP-150VB Laptop ac adapter, Power Cord included. Works for CLEVO CP67S01 G7-SL7S2 Laptop ac adapter and many more. Warranty & Fast Shipping. We are the real manufacturer for CLEVO ADP-150VB Other types of adapters ,and we believe that our products are your best choose.

  • Brand : CLEVO Laptop ac adapter
  • AC Input : 100-240V~2.7A 50-60Hz (for wo
  • DC Output : 19.5V 7.7A, 150W
  • Capacity : 150W
  • Size: 5.5mm*2.5mm, Barrel tip (ref to the picture)
  • Encoding : CHI17874_9
  • Supported models : A12-150P1A ADP-150VB B S93-0404250-D04
  • CLEVO ADP-150VB compatible Laptop ac adapter model:
    CLEVO Z7D2 R2 GTX970M
    MSI GS Series GS70 2PE Stealth Pro Charger
    Razer 911 911-E1 911-S2a
    Razer ST-R3 ST-R2 ST-R1
    CLEVO Z7M-SL7 D2 Z7M-i78172D1
    MSI GS70 GS72 GS72S 6QD-041XCN
    CLEVO K660D-G4D3 K650D-G4D2
    Aorus X3 Plus v3 v4 v5 v6 charger
    CLEVO CP67S01 G7-SL7S2
    CLEVO CN15S02 Z7M-SL7D2
    MSI GS70 2QE-083CN
    MSI GS70 2PC Series
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-036US
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-037US
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-108US
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-031AU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-032AU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-033TW
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-035TW
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-038RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-039RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-041MY
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-046NE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-047NL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-048BE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-049LU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-055XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-062XCZ
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-064IR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-068XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-070SG
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-071TH
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-074UK
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-081NE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-082NL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-083BE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-084LU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-097XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-098XPL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-201RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-203RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-216CL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-217JP
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-217JP
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-220KR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-221KR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-223TW
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-226SA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-245RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-246RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-247RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-250TW
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-253IR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-257UK
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-259ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-260ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-266MY
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-268XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-270XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-271SG
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-272TH
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-280XPL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-281NE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-282LU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-283NL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-284BE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-285NE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-286NL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-287BE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-288LU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-408TR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-418FR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-419XFR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-419XFR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-420IT
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-424UK
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-431TN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-432TN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-433NC
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-436CL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-438FR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-441XKR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-443CN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-444UA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-445UA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-447ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-448ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-454UA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-458RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-459RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-462RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-467AE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-473AU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-477MU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-478MU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-479BR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-480BR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-484TR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-486RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-487JP
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-490XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-491XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-494ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-496UK
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-601DE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-602SG
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-604XUA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-605ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-606ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-607MU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-608XUS
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-609ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-611SA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-612ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-613ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-614RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-615BR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-616NE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-617NL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-618BE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-619LU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-620XKR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-621DE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-623XDE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-624BR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-625XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-628RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-629RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-630TW
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-631SA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-633XCN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-634ES

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