Free Deck Plans Offer Inspiration and Beauty

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Posted by peter88 from the Home and Garden category at 17 Aug 2011 12:24:46 pm.
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Ever researched deck plans, only to find nothing fits your home just right? The design isn't right, it's too big for your home, it's too small for your home, it's too high off the ground, it's too low to the ground, you don't like the grill bump-out, the stairs are in the wrong place ... isn't there a deck out there that's perfect for YOUR home?
Now there is. A brand-new series of free, inspirational deck plans entitled Destination: DECK is available online at Featuring five deck plans ranging in side from a townhome to a two-story deck on a traditional home to a gorgeous standalone gazebo, there's a style and size to fit everyone's taste.

Each of the five plans -- The Townhouse, The Stratford, The Colonial, The Islander and The Tranquility -- have their own informational page that includes free downloadable plans and a complete materials list. Additional deck plans will be added to the site in the coming months.

Customizable Deck Plans

Love the decks -- but your backyard has a different layout than in the pictures? Not a problem! While the deck plans, as pictured, are free downloads, each plan can be customized for a very small fee. Simply choose a plan you like, then click through from the deck plan page to the designer, give them your home dimensions, and the designer will return deck plans perfect for your home at a fraction of the cost.

Designed by Shawn Miller of Classic Designs Inc., in Denver, Colorado, and Bobby Parks of Peachtree Decks & Porches in Atlanta, Georgia, all of the deck designs offer interesting angles, bump-outs and unexpected features intended to inspire. Far from being typical rectangle decks on the back of a house, the Destination: DECK series of deck plans offer style, elegance, creativity and personal touches.

Build green? Choose real wood.

Each of the decks in the Destination: DECK series was constructed using real, natural, authentic pressure-treated wood. The number-one decking material in the market and a long-time favorite of DIYers, builders and remodelers everywhere, wood is strong, durable, beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Worried about trees, forests and the environment? A recent study concluded that pressure-treated wood is a better decking material choice for the environment than alternative decking materials. Why?

* Wood decking production uses 8.5 times less energy than alternative decking production.

* Wood decking production uses 14 times less fossil fuel than alternative decking production.

* Wood decking emits 3 times less greenhouse gas during production than alternative decking.

* Wood decking production creates 2 times less smog than alternative decking production.

Additionally, wood from sustainably managed forests means that trees and wood will be around for generations to come -- after all, wood is a natural, renewable resource. The forest industry plants more trees than are harvested each year and our forests are in better shape than they were a century ago.

Now is the time! Go online to and find your perfect deck. Then enjoy your beautiful, natural outdoor living space with your family and friends.
For more information on real wood or to read the environmental impact study comparing wood to alternative decking, please visit
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