Make Date Night a Great Night

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Posted by peter88 from the Dating/Relationships category at 07 Aug 2011 11:00:31 pm.
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Great food, wine and a little design are the perfect ingredients for creating a special date night. HGTV host and interior designer Monica Pedersen, of Dream Home and Designed to Sell fame, is the perfect guide to help you design a memorable date night. Whether your budget is big or small, the secret to a fabulous date is making the extra effort to show someone that you think they're special.
Light the Scene

Create a special atmosphere by bringing out the candles. If large pillars or candelabras are out of the budget, simply mass inexpensive tea light candles in small glass votives on a table or around a room. In the world of design, nothing sets the tone faster than lighting. Wine by candlelight is an easy go-to for any date night.

Make It a Tradition

Uncork a great bottle of wine, and toast the person you're with by telling them how special you think they are. I'm a fan of Rutherford Hill Merlot from Napa Valley, which was served at my wedding. Try writing your toast ahead of time and reading it to your date. It really shows that you put some thought into the special moment, which is what matters most! Then date the cork from that night and tuck it away, or put it on display to start a new tradition. I have a collection of corks marking special date nights in a glass box on my coffee table. Putting them in a footed glass bowl is a great way to feature the corks, as well.

Create the Perfect Pair

If dinner is part of your date night, make a dish that you know is special to the one you love, and serve it with a wine that pairs perfectly ( has an easy-to-use wine pairing guide). Don't forget to bring out the fancy table settings, if you have them. Make date night the special occasion you have been waiting for by pulling out the good stuff.

Add a Thoughtful Touch

Since money and time are tight for most of us right now, inexpensive takeout and a mixed bouquet of fresh flowers can make a simple date night feel like a special occasion. These kinds of bouquets are usually under $10 at most grocery stores. Remember, it's making the effort that counts. If you are near a grocery store, pick up a bouquet of their fresh cut roses. They are a serious bang for the buck.

Invite the Crew
If getting a babysitter for date night is a problem, include the kids, and let them read a list out loud of all the reasons that Mom loves Dad, and Dad loves Mom. All the while, Mom and Dad get to sit back and enjoy a glass of Rutherford Hill.
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