All You Must Know to Perform Simple Technical SEO Audits

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Posted by Sofia Levine from the Search Engine Optimization category at 25 Jun 2024 12:10:02 pm.
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Seo audits are an essential part of the optimization process. It is impossible to implement this online marketing method without performing the relevant research to find out all the problems of your website and resolve them. The technical part of your website is the foundation that must be taken care of before you do anything else.

In this article, you will understand precisely what technical SEO is, why it is so important for your website, and how to perform a simple technical SEO audit. As a webmaster, it is your duty to either understand these things or let professionals help you ensure everything works properly.

What Are Technical SEO Audits?

Technical SEO audits are the tactics used to find all the problems of your website that negatively affect its functionality. This process is vital because it lets you know the primary issues that will drive the SEO results of your site down, which is why every SEO agency has one expert taking care of this task for clients.

Because SEO is a very complex process, it takes a lot of time to master. For this reason, it’s vital to start with the basics and, if possible, hire a digital marketing agency specialized in SEO to help you optimize your website properly. The best webmasters can do if they are no SEO experts is to cover the foundation of their sites, and that’s the technical part of SEO.

Without regular SEO audits that you can use to detect the problems and solve them, your website’s rankings in Google will drop because of the constant accumulation of errors. Although using the SEO services of an agency to take care of this task is possible, it’s not mandatory. You can also cover the basic SEO needs of your website.

Top Three Tools You Should Use for a Technical SEO Audit

You can find many different tools available online. A simple search will reveal tens of options, and it can become challenging to choose which ones to use. So, you can check the three recommended ones below because their performance is currently the best.

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The Three Most Important Factors for Technical SEO Audits

Of all the factors used by Google’s search engine algorithm, there are three that have massive importance when it comes to technical SEO. These are the ones that you must always check and ensure there’s no problem with them, regardless of how big your website gets.

  • Link functionality. For Google and all other search engines, it’s vital that users are able to access your pages, and if the links don’t work correctly, that won’t be possible. As a result, your rankings will drop the more broken links your site has. So, it’s essential to solve all of them and ensure every link works properly
  • Loading speed. The next factor is the time required for every page on your site to load. This is a critical factor that influences user satisfaction. The more your visitors have to wait, the higher their dissatisfaction with the site will be. As a result, search results will penalize you if the loading speed is too slow.
  • Mobile optimization. Nowadays, more than half of the Google users are from mobile devices. As a result, it became imperative for websites to optimize for them. Without making the necessary changes for your mobile visitors, your rankings in their search results will be very low, and you will lose most of this type of traffic.

Steps You Must Follow in a Simple Technical SEO Audit

If you search online, there are tens of different guides for technical SEO audits, one more detailed than the other. The problem is that many of them ask to perform various actions, which can become confusing after checking them. For this reason, this article will be dedicated to providing you with just general guidelines that you can use to understand and perform the audit however you want.

The first step of the process is to find all the problems on your website. To accomplish this, you can use many different online tools that are dedicated to this purpose. Which one should you choose? That’s for you to decide. But it’s vital to know that some are free, and some require you to make some investments.

In order of importance, you should focus on link functionality, the loading speed on your website, and the mobile optimization at the end. Many of the tools will present you with many other problems that affect your website’s functionality and performance. Although these are not as important, it is also a good idea to take care of them.

After you have a list of all the problems, you must start looking for solutions. You will need to learn many new things to be capable of solving all of the issues, but it will be worth it. Luckily, the internet provides you with all the solutions you need.
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