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Posted by Ludwighench from the Agriculture category at 25 May 2024 03:04:50 am.
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Was there a routinized string of feedback from your fans after the release of the version from last year's Mut 24 coins Ultimate Team?

I would say that most of the feedback we received focused on two thintrades and the end of online games. I've got positive news to share regarding both of these aspects: Madden Ultimate Team 12 will include trading features and we've also been working on a few ways to cut down on the amount of games that finish with an end.

How did you manage to balance the need to respond to fan feedback while taking some of the ideas you had already been creating?

This is an area where we as designers on our Madden Ultimate Team and the players are basically in tune. Trades are by far the most frequently requested feature on forum and message board. Josh Looman (senior designer on Madden NFL 24) has always wanted to include this feature since the start of MUT to Madden 24. We are very content to offer trading in Madden NFL 12.

What are the most significant enhancements in Ultimate Team this year? What were the previous aspects of it that were taken away?

As we mentioned earlier the most popular innovation this year is trading. Every kind of card can be traded, such as stadium, player coach, playbook, etc. It is possible to trade with other friends or browse the trade block to find cards you wish to purchase. Additionally, you are able to list your own trade cards to find out if anyone in the MUT community is interested in the card you have. The good thing is that we offer a powerful search function that lets you to pinpoint specific locations and ranges of general interest which means you don't have to sort through the hundreds of spam trade offers that you may have encountered while the fantasy soccer game.

Our search lets you only receive legitimate offers. The second element we're introducing this year, and one that we are extremely happy to announce with madden 24 mut coins Ultimate Team 12 is the MUT Legends and our brand-new Legendary Pack. Its Legendary Pack will contain a collection of the most valuable cards, and the chance to win an Legendary MUT Legend card. We include 13 of the biggest players to ever be a part of the NFL: Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, Gale Sayers, Marcus Allen, Dan Marino, Lawrence Taylor, Deion Sanders, Rod Woodson, Marshall Faulk, Eric Dickerson, Eddie George, and Shaun Alexander.
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