Free Classifieds In Goa Has Helped Me To Discover The Best Arts Classes

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Posted by raksha from the Health category at 02 Dec 2019 11:44:57 am.
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I know, you are excited to knowabout how the free classifieds in goahelped me in my journey. But before that allow me to tell you one nice thoughtwhich is running on my mind right now. And that is telling us, “ We all have aninterest in something and that become passion if we take it seriously”

I hope, you all understand what this thought tries to tell you. Every morningwhen you woke up, remember this thought and start your day with positivity andenergy. You will definitely get motivation which will never stop you to achieveyour dreams.

Moving to the motivational story, I want to tell you, will also help you inachieving your goal. So, freeclassifieds in goa has helped to achieve my dream. Do you know how?Actually, when I was in the fifth standard, I was living in Assonora, thevillage in Goa. And my parents wanted me to learn any art. As you know, thisworld is very demanding and competitive. So, you required as much as skills inorder to get selected. And of course, all parents want their children to keepgrowing so my parents took the decision to put me in the class of drawing.

I was not that much good at drawing and my parents felt that. Because, everytime when we have a lecture on drawing in school, I got very upset and did notwant to draw anything. Even, I used to go to my uncle's home to complete thedrawing which was given in the homework as he is very good at drawing anddoesn't take much time. I know after reading this, you will laugh at me. But, Ireally did not like it. That is why my parents found online classes through free classifieds in goa portal.The reason behind finding online classes is, we were leaving in the village sothere was no choice.

From day one, I was feeling bored and did not want to continue, but I wasfeeling scared to tell my parents. Then I choose to continue with it, and asdays were passed, I have seen that I can do the drawing. And that's whatmotivated me and a different type of interest arouses in me. And for this, Ialways thank my parents, online tutors, and the free classifieds in goa website.They all have helped me in learning the thing which never interests me.

Moreover, now I am living in Vasco Da Gama, a city in Goa. I came here to get adegree in engineering. And after completing my graduation, I have found aninteresting job in an IT company which is Graphic Designing Job. Because theyhave seen my drawing while interview and were very impressed with me. And thenI got the job. Here, I have to showcase my creativity but I have left the classesand did not remember all the things exactly. I told my parents that I wanted tojoin in designing classes. They allowed me to do so but I did not know whichwas the best class as I was new in the city. And then I was searching onlineand found the best and cost-effective classes from the free classifieds in goa platform.

I wanted to go for designing as it interests me and became my passion after Ihave started drawing. Though it pays a low salary, I am satisfied with my job,and I think that's what matters, right?

So go for the job, you like rather running for the highest paid salary packageand do the boring tasks and things. Showcase your talent to the world and letthe world know you!!

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