Wi-Fi jamming to knock out cameras suspected in nine Minnesota burglaries

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This technology is thought to have been utilized in a string of nine robberies in Edina, according to the police.
In Edina, Minnesota, law enforcement officials suspect that a serial burglar has been utilizing a Wi-Fi jammer to disable the surveillance cameras linked to security systems. This tactic allows the burglar to successfully commit thefts and escape with the valuable possessions of their targeted individuals.The state of Minnesota is not commonly associated with being a center for technology advancements, hence it should not be surprising to discover that there have been reports of Wi-Fi jammers being utilized in burglaries across the U.S. for a number of years. It is a reminder that technology is being used by criminals as well, and more individuals are beginning to recognize this fact -- therefore, homeowners should consider implementing security measures.
Authorities in Edina have raised concerns that nine burglaries that occurred over the course of the last six months could have been carried out using Wi-Fi jammers to obstruct the retrieval of any video evidence that could implicate the perpetrators. The suspected burglars are believed to have a particular way of operating:
  • Dwellings are situated in wealthy districts.
  • Burglars meticulously observe the houses.
  • The intruders shun conflict, choosing to patiently wait for houses to be vacant.
  • Exploiting the absence of occupants, the intruders will utilize Wi-Fi jamming devices.
  • It is common for thieves to target valuable designer items such as safes, jewelry, and other high-end merchandise.

The source publication, KARE11, recently interviewed a security expert who shed light on the functioning of signal jammer. Contrary to popular belief, these devices do not block signals but instead create confusion among wireless devices. The expert elaborated that wifi jammer primarily operate by inundating wireless traffic, resulting in the obstruction of legitimate traffic.
handheld wifi signal JammersJamming wireless security devices is a growing trend
By delving into news archives, a significant amount of evidence emerges regarding burglaries that may have utilized Wi-Fi jammers. In January 2020, a post within the Ring community recounted an incident involving a wireless doorbell that thwarted a porch thief through a Wi-Fi deauthentication attack. Furthermore, an abundance of reports can be easily found, spanning from 2021 to 2023, which detail instances of burglars employing Wi-Fi jamming technology. Notably, these reports indicate a rising frequency of such occurrences over time.
Ring is cited as one of the companies that brought video doorbells to the forefront in addressing various home security issues, but other wireless smart home security products like those from Blink (Amazon) and Nest (Google) could also face vulnerabilities to wireless signal disruptions.
As we prepare to conclude, we would like to provide some suggestions for individuals who may be uncertain about the reliability of their home security systems with wireless components. Firstly, consider physically connecting certain devices that support wired connections and allow for local storage of recorded footage. Secondly, take advantage of smart home technology that can simulate the presence of someone being at home. Furthermore, your device may offer the option to send alerts in case of signal or connection interruptions, so it may be worthwhile to explore and adjust these settings.
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