What Do You Do if You Lose the Car Key?

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Posted by Sofia Levine from the General category at 07 Feb 2024 01:36:31 pm.
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Don't panic! If you've lost car keys and don't have a spare car key, the first reaction is usually panic. Let's look at what you can do to get your car back into use as quickly as possible! If you have no hope of finding the spare key, you will be forced to resort to a final solution and copy the key without a key. It sounds impossible, but it's not! You will need an Auburn, WA specialist to replace the car key, especially if you still need the original one.

Opt for Car Keys Replacement

In these situations, it is impossible to be helped by the critical copier working at the mall. Generally, you have to tow the car to the dealership and have the key replaced (which takes approx. 3-4 weeks). There are several methods by which you can solve the problem of car key replacement. The first and most straightforward is relying on the backup key. If you buy a car, it comes with two keys. On the other hand, if you have a used car, always ensure you have a copy left at home or in your wallet in an emergency.

You Are Not the First Who Lost Car Keys

When you lose your car keys, a second solution is to order a new one. Depending on the car's age, you can do this at a dealership or at specialized companies in Auburn, WA. Another exciting thing is that you should notify the insurance company if you have CASCO insurance on the car. If the vehicle is stolen, then the claim for compensation that you will make will not be approved, which means that you will be left with the damage. If you have lost a car key, it would be good to notify the police as well.

If you have an intelligent key instead, you can make a set of new keys at the car representative of the brand. Of course, you will need the car's documents proving that you are its rightful owner and the spare key. However, to avoid this situation, a good solution for car keys replacement is to have a keychain with a GPS location. It will show you the location of the keys on your phone, so you will be able to locate them quickly using the application. And the investment is not expensive at all.

How Much Does a Critical Cost at the Dealership?

In most cases, when you have lost car keys, you must evaluate whether the replacement price is worth the effort and where you can do it. Changing the locks and keys for older vehicles could cost more than the car is worth. On the other hand, if you are wondering how much a critical cost is at the dealership, you should know that the price differs depending on the model and type of key. To replace the car key, you could take a lot out of your pocket to copy a key with a remote control.

Losing your car keys is usually not covered by regular car insurance. However, there may be exceptions if you have a comprehensive policy covering theft and other events such as fire or vandalism. But most standard auto insurance policies don't offer coverage for car keys replacement. Car keys cannot be tracked. Although modern cars are very high-tech, there is no way to track lost keys for most car models from the factory. However, you can install aftermarket tracking devices to track them with your car keys.

Where Can You Get a New Car Key?

The car dealership or a car locksmith are the two options to replace lost car keys in Auburn, WA. The dealership may not need help accessing your crucial information for older cars. A locksmith is the only option and can replace the key when you don't have a spare. With modern vehicles, changing the vehicle's locks is unnecessary, as an auto technician can reconfigure existing locks or program lost keys. Lost car keys can be programmed. Any lost key can be removed from the car's database, preventing anyone from using it.

For many families, the car is one of the most critical assets after the house. Whether you use it on the way to work or for shopping and vacations, the car is very often used, which can be seen in the increased daily traffic values. So, prevention is the best option, and you should take care of the car keys to save unnecessary expenses, roads, and energy. However, if the inevitable has happened and you need a car key replacement, there are options for solving this problem. Thus, you can discover some quick methods to use your car again relatively quickly.

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The Most Common Scenarios

Everyone depends on their car for a variety of activities, no matter if it is newer or older, so when you lose your car keys, problems appear, especially if you are in a hurry. Therefore, maintaining it in optimal operating parameters is very important. Losing your car keys is common nowadays because people are always in a hurry or stressed. There are many scenarios, and the most common are:

  • you lost the key around the house or in a public place;
  • you forgot it in the car;
  • the children played with it and hid it;
  • you forgot where you put it;
  • someone stole your key.

In the first cases, you have a very high chance of finding it or remembering where you left it, but in case of theft, the situation can become unpleasant and may involve quite a lot of travel. Most likely, when you lost the key, the first thought that came to your mind was that you could no longer use the car. For this reason, car manufacturers create two keys so that if you buy a new car, you will have a spare one. However, to avoid car keys replacement, it is good to be prudent and make a backup copy immediately after purchase.
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