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You’re probably well conscious by using now that New World, Amazon Games’ just-launched fable MMORPG, is very popular. Since its September 28 debut, it’s seen good sized player counts and a few pretty hefty in-recreation queues as a result, with congestion-easing answers like server transfers on the manner soon. Now, the New World team has introduced that it’s bringing in some more changes to assist cope with congestion from some other angle – this time by using cracking down on AFKing.

New World already has a integrated AFK timer which boots gamers out of the sport after a length of inactiveness. It’s now not clear how long this is set at, exactly, although web sites like RPS record that it’s idea to be round 25 minutes. However, in a brand new discussion board submit, network supervisor HardcoreHenry famous that the group has “seen a whole lot of frustration round folks who can be artificially remaining lively sufficient in servers to keep away from the automated AFK mitigation that is constructed into New World”.

The network supervisor says that the MMO’s devs “in reality agree that this isn't always desirable behaviour, particularly when there are droves of folks who are ready patiently to get right into a world”, and explains that the group has put together a new solution to “discover and movement against bad religion AFK gamers”.

The new device will fast kick gamers out to the main menu if they’re detected through it, with harsher penalties to comply with if the behaviour turns into regular. It’s now not clear what those consequences might be as but, although.

The publish clearly doesn’t pass into any element on how this new answer works but it does say that the New World crew is assured that those playing New World as everyday shouldn’t come across any troubles while it’s rolled out. It’s additionally no longer clean precisely while the brand new answer will be live. “This attempt goes to be rolled out over a period of time, so consequences won't appear immediate,” the submit explains, “but this is something we're committed to bringing on-line as quickly as we sense cushty.”

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