Fallen angels names list

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The concept of fallen angels is often associated with various religious and mythological traditions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Fallen angels are typically depicted as angels who rebelled against God and were cast out of heaven. While specific names of fallen angels may vary across different traditions, here are some names commonly associated with fallen angels names list:
Lucifer (Satan): Often considered the most prominent fallen angel, Lucifer is said to have rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven.
Beelzebub: Often identified as a high-ranking demon or fallen angel, Beelzebub is sometimes associated with the Devil.
Mephistopheles: This name is commonly used in literature and folklore, particularly in the legend of Faust. It is not directly mentioned in religious texts.
Azazel: Mentioned in various religious texts, Azazel is sometimes considered a fallen angel associated with rebellion and corruption.
Belial: In some traditions, Belial is considered a demon or fallen angel associated with lawlessness and wickedness.
Abaddon/Apollyon: Often associated with destruction and torment, Abaddon is sometimes considered a fallen angel or a powerful demon.
Samael: In some traditions, Samael is seen as an angel who fell from grace, associated with death and destruction.
Asmodeus: Often portrayed as a demon in various traditions, Asmodeus is sometimes linked to fallen angelic beings.
It's important to note that the names and roles of fallen angels can vary widely depending on the religious or cultural context. Different religious texts and mythologies may have different interpretations and names associated with beings that have rebelled against a divine authority. Additionally, some names may be more prominent in literature and folklore than in religious scriptures.
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