A DIY gadget created to block cell phone reception

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Generally, the FCC considers the use of cellular phone jammers as illegal since they disrupt the communication networks utilized by emergency personnel, who heavily rely on the same frequency as cell phones for a significant portion of their communications, as well as their own use of mobile phones.However, the use of signal jammers has been advocated by prisons, schools, and city governments. These entities aim to curb cheating in educational settings, ensure the undivided attention of taxi drivers and limo drivers on their routes, and restrict prisoners from using illicit cell phones.
Wave Bubble Cell Phone Jammers
As the use of cell phone jammers is unlawful, individuals are left with two options: procuring them illegally from overseas or constructing them illicitly at home. This requires a certain level of expertise in working with chips and antennae. The Wave Bubble Jammer, in particular, has the capability to interfere with various radio frequencies beyond the scope of cell phones.For power supply, the installation of a lithium-ion battery is required, offering a jamming duration of up to two to four hours, depending on the frequencies present in its vicinity. Recharging can be accomplished through a USB connector or a common 4 mm DC jack. Moreover, AAA batteries can be used as an alternative power source.
The jammer's microchips are fitted with two antennae that can detect multiple frequencies within a twenty to twenty-five foot radius.The successful implementation of this device requires a considerable amount of challenging SMT soldering. This involves installing multiple TSSOP and SOT chips, 0603 RC's, as well as obscure components. Additionally, the proper construction and debugging of the device necessitate the use of specific equipment.As this device is illegal within the United States, the specific sources for these are not accessible.
Cell Phones Modified to Jammers
Certain cell phone jammer have been altered from old cell phones to function on the same frequency as the targeted device, emitting a tone that renders holding a conversation on the phone unachievable. It is important to bear in mind that these jammers are illegal and constructing them without expertise in soldering microchips and manipulating radio frequencies is a challenging endeavor.Police CB radios adopt a similar approach to cell phone jammers, as they scan and intercept all frequencies present in their immediate surroundings, enabling seamless communication over the CB. Conversely, cell phone jammers extend their functionality by obstructing transmissions.
The presence of a considerable array of malicious wireless devices, specifically designed to disrupt wireless networks through intentional interference, is a matter of grave concern. Despite their evident illegality, these devices can now be easily obtained online at a moderate cost.
The functioning of these jammers is characterized by the generation of a strong wireless signal that disrupts the physical layer of the wireless communication protocol in use. This grants them the ability to affect protocols operating at any given frequency band. Their primary influence is exerted on the medium, which constitutes the first layer of the OSI stack.As a result, any higher-level communication utilized will be affected. This includes Wifi, bluetooth, 3G, 4G, GSM, GPS, and other communication methods. It is comparable to an unpredictable individual who suddenly starts shouting during a conversation. Regardless of whether the speakers are conversing in English or Russian, they will no longer be able to communicate effectively with each other.


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