Interesting Facts About GPS Jammers

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Our privacy and the handling of our data, along with the individuals who are granted access to it, should always be a matter of concern. This is a significant issue that should not be treated casually.
The situation becomes even more alarming when your insurance company is the one gathering your data.The key problem with this scenario lies in the fact that, regardless of whether you qualify for a discount through a GPS tracker or app installed in your vehicle, if you find yourself in an accident, your insurance company will utilize the accumulated data to attribute fault to you and subsequently raise your insurance premium.
Within the multitude of data collected by these trackers, it encompasses various aspects such as your acceleration rate, speed, braking speed, mileage, destinations, and location history. In the event that this data is mishandled, it can result in severe repercussions. Hence, considering a gps jammer would not be an extreme measure.

Numerous captivating details concerning GPS jamming are often overlooked by the general public. It is incumbent upon us to provide clarification on this matter, thereby thwarting the propagation of inaccurate information.
You Only Need To Block GPS Signal To Jam a Tracker
This statement is entirely inaccurate. A significant number of individuals firmly adhere to the belief that GPS trackers exclusively utilize GPS signals for tracking. Contrary to this misconception, it is important to note that most NavSat systems and GPS tracking devices are additionally equipped with Sim cards. These Sim cards serve the purpose of enabling cell phone triangulation when GPS signals are unavailable or transmitting the gathered information to a monitoring station.
To ensure precise positioning, present-day tracking devices require a minimum of three satellite signals. Once activated, these trackers remain constantly prepared to accurately pinpoint the location, provided they are in an open area.
To access the live coordinates of the tracker, a SIM card must be inserted into the tracker itself, which should be connected to a network operator. Through the utilization of cellular networks, the tracker can relay its location by means of SMS text messages to a cell phone or by transmitting the location data to a server. This allows you to employ applications, fleet management systems, or web-based tracking platforms to showcase the real-time location on a map.
Thus, it is vital to acknowledge the significance of possessing a portable cell phone jammers in order to disrupt GPS L1 signal, along with GSM, 3G, and 4G signals.
Criminals Use GPS Jamming Devices Too
As expected, GPS blockers can be easily obtained at a low cost through online platforms. It is not surprising that criminals resort to utilizing these tools to obscure their identity and hide their location during theft incidents.
The internet offers GPS jammers with relatively low power that can cause disruptions to GPS signals in a radius that extends beyond your vehicle. It is important to note that these signal blocker are not limited to interfering with satellite navigation systems only.
These devices have become a tool of choice for criminal gangs operating across extensive distances. Hence, drug cartels or gangs might exploit them to hinder navigation during deliveries, preventing rival factions from tracing their movements.
Even criminal syndicates have embraced their utilization to aid in the pilferage of luxury cars and valuable freight shipments. Consequently, the activation of a GPS jammer would disable the tracking capabilities of an armored van or truck fitted with an anti-theft GPS device, preventing it from transmitting its stolen or hijacked location.
Employees Use a GPS Jammer To Avoid Being Tracked Via Fleet Management Systems
The primary issue associated with GPS tracking devices lies in the widespread belief that they infringe upon personal privacy. This is particularly evident among commercial drivers who are unwilling to compromise their own privacy to cater to their employers' desire for enhanced control.
Fleet managers can effectively monitor their employees' performance through vehicle tracking systems, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and legal boundaries, optimizing route planning, and maintaining a safe working schedule. Nevertheless, it is essential to navigate the delicate boundary between safeguarding organizational interests and respecting employees' privacy.
A number of truck drivers resort to using GPS jamming devices to hide their whereabouts, while certain employees take advantage of company-owned vehicles for personal errands. Unaware of the consequences, they operate a Global Positioning System scrambler, mistakenly believing that it will make the vehicle disappear. However, the vehicle will still be displayed on the live map as an incomplete trip.
Moreover, once the jammer is inserted into a cigarette lighter socket while traveling, a visible timeline will emerge, denoting the initiation of the jamming activity, creating the impression of a disrupted trip. Consequently, this could potentially attract increased scrutiny from individuals who are monitoring your whereabouts.
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