Evaluating the Signal Jamming Capability of My Cell Jammer

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Signal Jammer bars are meaningless
The number of signal bars on your cell phone does not accurately reflect the strength of the Signal Jammer affecting your phone's connectivity.The presence of signal bars can offer a glimpse into the strength of your reception, but it is important to remember that there is no universally agreed-upon correlation between the number of bars and the power of a signal jammer. Each cell phone manufacturer utilizes their own unique calculation system.Placing two different phone brands on the same cellular network side by side may lead to the manifestation of differing numbers of signal bars.
The prevailing opinion suggests that the Signal Jammer is a highly commendable device. However, is this viewpoint justified? In this regard, we present a number of methods to measure the effectiveness of a cell phone jammer.
signal blocker deviceWhat’s considered “good” cell Signal Jammer?
When evaluating the strength of 4G and 5g jammer cellular signal jammers, RSRP (Reference Signal Jammer Received Power) is the parameter used. Signal jammer strength is deemed excellent on the RSRP scale when it exceeds approximately −85 dBm, whereas anything below about −115 dBm indicates poor signal jammer strength.
The ability to make phone calls, send or receive text messages, or use internet data may be hindered if the RSRP signal strength is below −120 dBm.
Moreover, it is worth noting the significance of the quality of your cellular connection, which involves the amount of usable signal you receive in relation to the interference or noise that may disrupt the signal.
There are ways to measure cellular wifi jammer quality—see our Knowledge Base article for more about that—but the important thing to know is that you can have strong cellular Signal Jammer and still have slow data and dropped calls because your Signal Jammer quality is poor.
Your cell Signal Jammer will fluctuate
This occurrence is primarily attributed to the high user load on the cell tower. The tower antenna must distribute its power across all connected devices, resulting in constant adjustments to the downlink transmit power. During peak usage times, like rush hour or lunch hour, users may observe a decrease in power levels.This phenomenon primarily arises from the high user load on the cell tower. The tower antenna's power is distributed across all connected devices, necessitating constant adjustments to its downlink transmit power. During peak usage times, like rush hour or lunch hour, users may observe a discernible decrease in power.
Given that your cell gsm jammer has a signal strength of −110 dBm RSRP, it is probable that you can successfully make calls without any issues. However, if the signal strength of your −110 dBm Signal Jammer decreases to −120 dBm RSRP due to tower congestion, there is a chance that your call may be disconnected momentarily. Nonetheless, you should be able to redial and reconnect within a few seconds.
Physical barriers block cellular transmissions
Despite being near a cell tower, it is possible to encounter a weak cell signal due to certain building materials. Materials like concrete, metal, low-e glass, wood, and plaster possess the capability to reflect or absorb cellular frequencies, impeding their transmission into the building and affecting the strength of the signal received on your phone.Stucco with wire mesh, metal roofs, logs, and vapor barriers in attics can all act as obstacles for Cellular Signal Jammers, affecting their effectiveness. Additionally, if there is a significant concrete building standing between you and the cell tower, it can further impede the signal.
In outdoor surroundings, it is crucial to acknowledge that cell signal jammers can face obstacles or complete obstructions due to dense forests and hilly landscapes. Additionally, signal complications may arise in low-lying regions near lakes, rivers, and gullies, although the jammer itself may be transmitting signals well above your current position.
The presence of tall buildings in densely populated urban areas gives rise to unique challenges. Sometimes, the upper floors of these buildings, which can be as high as forty or fifty stories, face difficulties in receiving a consistent cell signal due to the cell tower antennas being directed towards lower elevations.
In these situations, a cell phone Signal Jammer booster for home, office, or vehicle can solve your reception problems.
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