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Posted by yangxuebao from the Boating category at 09 Jan 2024 03:07:27 am.
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The "defense is dead and will never be back" crowd was required to pipe down on Thursday as we saw numerous turnovers and defense this past Turkey Day. Let's take a look at it all.

Offense was not an option in Detroit early in the game.

Lots of punts as well as a lot of defense. It's not that surprising. We're all aware that Bears have a strong defense and they were starting Chase Daniel, a backup quarterback who made his first start since 2014 at home and during the eve of a week that was short. They also had a short week. Lions offensive line has been struggling this season with strong defenses. Detroit did not have Kerryon Johnson last week too. The score had been Bears 9-7 at halftime. It was 16-16 by the end of the 4th half before a pick six for Bears Safety Eddie Jackson helped them win the game 23-16.

A few takeaways from this game. For one, I've been reluctant to jump on the Bears trend because there's an aspect that I'm not convinced of regarding Mitch Trubisky. In my opinion, the Bears are the best team in the first part of the game, even more so in the opening quarter. They've been ahead at halftime in each game they've played , only to get slowed down in the second period. Are they doing this because Trubisky's off his opening script and/or Matt Nagy is off his script, which means they're not as efficient? I tend to side with Trubisky not being as efficient as it has been proven that his throws aren't as effective. However good the Bears defense is, in 2018. your quarterback and offense must be playing at a high level to make it to the playoffs.

That said, I think it's about time to take a chance on the Bears and the Bears are a year away from real Super Bowl contention. The Lions may be dead in the present, but Chicago took on the road to a division rival with an alternative quarterback during a short week and won. That's huge. Washington would have been unable to do it.

On Sunday, Chase Daniel showed why the team is paid a lot of cash to be a backup. He was 27-37 for 220 yards . He also scored two touchdowns.
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