If the club lacks squad depth in the area

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We’ve implemented a points system that will evaluate the buy clause desirability based on multiple factors: The quality of the playerHow much of the team’s transfer budget would be required to buy the player. Some new additions to Player Career will also help benefit your save next season.

If the club lacks squad depth in the area or if they have an excess of players in that particular department. Two quality-of-life improvements have come to training, which are as follows:

We’ve added a change to the AI shopping list logic to make sure that the Board Priority a club has for Youth Development will play a role in determining how much they would look for promising players.

Expect tougher competition from the likes of Manchester City and Real Madrid to sign the stars of the future. Moving forward, the AI will try to keep a balanced number of players on the left and right sides of the pitch.

The new Player Agent feature will transform your career and help you carve out a legacy within the footballing world. Agents will help shape your journey as you control the direction in which you want to take your career.

You can target teams you wish to move to, which will have differing objectives you need to hit in order for them to bid for you.

The Player Personality system has been further developed in FC 24, with PlayStyles introduced. At each of the seven levels of Personality, you will be able to assign a PlayStyle, which will be impacted by the distribution of your personality between Maverick, Heartbeat, and Virtuoso.

As your personality evolves, other PlayStyles may become unlocked, or you may lose access to ones you previously had. Player appearance customisation has been expanded, with tattoos, face guards, and goggles added into the mix!

Focus Camera is the new default angle for Player Career. It will prioritise keeping your player on the screen, while also keeping an eye on the ball. At key moments, such as when you are approaching the opponent’s box, or dribbling or jockeying, the camera will close in on the player.

You can now participate in training sessions ahead of each match. You don’t need to worry about missing a training session because you’ve advanced to the next match.As you play the training sessions you will also earn Personality Points to aid with your player development.

As with the Manager Career Mode, new dynamic moments will now be in Player Career in FC 24. These cut scenes are the same and include the Ballon d’Or presentation, Manager of the Year and Player or the Season awards, and an open-top trophy parade.
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