Are Puppy Pads a Good Idea, and Should You Use Them

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Posted by Mark from the Business category at 28 Dec 2023 11:52:28 am.
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Pet parents have a lot on their hands looking after a companion. They need to provide love, nutrition, and care, and in exchange, they receive so much more. When they bring a new puppy into their home or look after a senior dog, the potty issue comes into discussion. Many owners worry about the subject, not knowing what to expect, how their house will look, or if their pet will go anywhere in the house. The good news is that you can use many supplies, such as puppy pads, to simplify the process.

These accessories are amazing for preventing accidents and making puppy training much easier. If your pup is not fully house-trained or under treatment and cannot leave the house, they are highly convenient. Some dogs have bladder issues, or pet parents have busy schedules and are unable to take their companions out several times every day. In these situations, it is easier to place pads in a specific location in the house and simply clean them afterward.
Uses and Benefits of Puppy Pads

Pet parents prefer puppy pads for various reasons. They are highly beneficial once you learn the characteristics and their convenience. The pads are the ideal solution in many circumstances because cleaning is a breeze. Once the pup uses them, toss them away and place a new pad. You don’t need to go outside in bad weather when it rains, snows, or is windy, and find the right spot for your dog. Some owners live in flats without dedicated outdoor spaces to leave the dogs to roam free.

Some dogs have mobility issues or are old and cannot go outside as frequently or as easily as normal pups. However, they still need to relieve themselves, and it is not recommended to keep the bladder full. If you place the pads in the bathroom or in a place inside the house that is convenient for them and for you, they will use only the pad. You protect your floors at the same time, and you don’t have to worry about constant cleaning. Urine causes serious stains, and there is no need to get frustrated when you have solutions at your disposal.

If you travel often and you take your pup along, don’t hesitate to take some pads with you. If they are already used to the pads at home, they will have no issues using them in various other places. Dogs are creatures of habit, and they are familiar with scents, so they will have no issues finding pads convenient. You can find scented pads, which are even better to keep your home smelling fresh. They block odor, and you will not even tell that your pup went inside the house.
Using the Pads Efficiently

Some owners need to learn how to use the puppy pads to make the experience worthwhile for their pups. Perhaps at first, your pup will not be aware of the pads and their use, and you need to help them learn how to use them. After using the training pads, praise your dog and give it treats to encourage the behavior later on. Another advice is to place the pad conveniently in a place that is very accessible to your companion.

Keep in mind that it is not recommended to put the pad close to their water and food bowls or to their bed. Better yet, place the pad close to the entrance door, the one that is most often used to take your pup outside. After having their meal, place the pups on the pads and give them treats once they use them. In time, they will become more and more accustomed and will no longer have issues.

The pads can be used several times until they become saturated. Afterward, they will no longer be effective and will not hold the liquids and the odor. Depending on how many times your dog uses it or how many dogs you have, you should replace it every 2-3 days. Of course, it depends on the size of the dog and the size of the pad. Younger pups will release less liquid, so you can easily spot when changes are required.

Buying the right size of puppy pads is crucial. They should not be too large for your small dog or too little for your large dog. You can find different packages and sizes at pet shops, and they are conveniently labeled so you can buy the right one based on your pup’s weight. It is up to you if you want to be scented or not, but they should be highly absorbing and have odor-control properties.
Mistakes to avoid

Dogs require practice and consistency when they must use pads, so there are some common mistakes you should avoid to succeed in the matter. Under no circumstances should you punish your pup for accidents. If you embrace such negative behavior, your companion will become discouraged and confused and will not go in your presence. They can develop unwanted health conditions. Keep the pads in the same place so your companion remembers where to go.

Dogs prefer to do their business in clean spaces and surfaces, so keep the place clean and replace the pads when they become full. Develop some cue words for your pup, especially after they wake up, drink water, eat, or play. You can use some simple words, such as “we,” “potty,” or “toilet.” If you do this consistently, your companion will soon recognize the cues and know what action to take.
Choosing the Right Pads

Choosing the right products on the market is essential for success. Some key features include absorbency, meaning focusing on pads that have multiple layers, 5 to 7. The back should be leak-proof, and to make training easier, some products have dog-specific pheromones. This makes them more appealing to pups. You can find many options at pet shops and from many brands. In the end, it is a matter of personal preference and finding the right type for your pup’s size and weight.
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