Frequently posed questions about the usage of signal jammers

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How much does a small signal jammer cost?
The price of signal cellphone jammer can significantly differ due to their varying power and usage capabilities, ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Generally, a small signal jammer can be acquired for a few hundred dollars in the market.
3G 4G Cell Phone Jammer
This type of small signal jammer is specifically designed to combat children's excessive reliance on mobile phones, making it an ideal choice for home use. Additionally, it can be utilized in small dormitories and classrooms to interfere with mobile phone network signals, effectively preventing phone communications and restricting Internet access.Furthermore, the deployment of a high-power signal jammer within a residential setting will undoubtedly interfere with the surrounding communication infrastructure, thereby affecting the regular use of mobile phones by neighboring individuals and potentially leading to complaints. Therefore, it is advisable to utilize smaller signal jammer in homes, dormitories, and small classrooms.
This device possesses the ability to effectively block (interfere with) all mobile phone signals (CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, 3G, 4G, 5G) and also disrupt WIFI (WLAN), Bluetooth/2.4G communications, and wireless networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) within a distance of 10 meters.
1. Why do some mobile phones still have signal indications when the signal jammer is working?
This is simply an illusion, as the mobile phone is presently incapable of communicating. When you press the designated button, you will notice the complete absence of any signal indication on the device's signal indicator.
2. Will the wireless signal jammer interfere with the normal operation of other electronic devices?
The wireless signal jammer's electromagnetic signal is contained within the country's designated working frequency band, which prevents interference with other electronic devices. Its sole purpose is to block wireless signals within the shielded site, and this signal remains in a relatively static state without impacting other devices.
3. Is the mobile phone signal jammer harmful to the human body and mobile phones when it is working?
Please be reassured that the electromagnetic signal emitted by the mobile phone gsm signal jammer is exceedingly weak and fully complies with environmental regulations. Comprehensive tests have indicated that this signal strength is far from posing any risk to the human body. Moreover, the mobile phone signal jammer solely disrupts the forward signal of the mobile phone, preventing it from establishing contact with the base station, thus guaranteeing no damage is caused to the mobile phone itself.
4. Is there any difference in the operating distance of wireless signal jammers when used indoors and outdoors?
A disparity arises between the signal strength encountered outdoors and indoors, with outdoor environments typically exhibiting greater signal strength. Hence, the outdoor shielding effect against these signals is relatively subpar. Technically speaking, the effective distance of a wireless signal jammer, whether utilized indoors or outdoors, is contingent upon the electromagnetic environment of the shielding location and its immediate surroundings. This encompasses variables such as the distance between wireless signal transmitting equipment situated outside the premises and wireless communication devices positioned within the premises, as well as their respective placements.
5. Does the mobile phone signal jammer have the same effect on mobile phones and 2.4GHz wireless communication equipment?
The efficiency of wireless communication signal transmission is determined by the proximity between the transmitting equipment and the receiving equipment.The transmission distance of 2.4GHz wireless communication equipment is limited by national standards, which are much smaller than the transmission distance of base station communication signals. Nonetheless, when the transmitting and receiving equipment are at the same distance, the shielding range of 2.4GHz wireless communication equipment is slightly larger than that of mobile phones.If the base station is not far from the shielding place, the opposite situation will occur when the signal is weak.
6. After the mobile phone signal jammer has been working for a period of time, the heat sink of the device will heat up. Will working for a long time damage the machine?
It is customary for the heat sink of the mobile phone signal jammer to become hot. In our design, we have utilized high-performance aluminum alloy heat sinks that exhibit remarkable thermal conductivity. This facilitates the efficient dissipation of the heat generated during the equipment's operation, thereby ensuring the machine's prolonged and stable functionality. Consequently, the heat emitted by the heat sink does not pose any threat of causing damage to the machine.
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