Cell Phone Jammers Why Illegal

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The utilization of mobile phone jammer can impede your ability, as well as that of others, to reach out for urgent assistance through 911 and other emergency calls. Furthermore, these devices can jeopardize public safety communications and cause interference with other vital forms of daily communication.
Within this article, you will find a comprehensive breakdown of how signal jammers operate, the legal implications of using them in the United States, the appropriate measures to take if authorized communication is being obstructed, and the assistance Cellbusters can offer for any questions or concerns regarding cell phone jammers.
jammer cell phone perfectHow Cell Phone Jammers Work
The functionality of cell phone jammers relies on emitting a Radio Frequency (RF) signal that surpasses the power emitted by the closest cell phone base station or tower. This RF signal operates at a frequency similar to that employed by cellular phone carriers, causing the phone to experience instability. The jamming primarily affects the downlink signal, resulting in the absence of signal bars on your phone when it is being jammed.
Cell phone jammers have the ability to disrupt signals, but their overpowering nature goes beyond that by rendering 911 emergency calls impossible. This poses a significant danger as it not only inhibits routine communication and reception of public safety messages, but also puts individuals in urgent need of mobile connectivity at risk.
The illegality of cell phone jammers is prevalent in multiple countries for a variety of reasons. In the United States, individuals who employ these devices are in direct violation of federal law.
Cell Phone Jamming is Prohibited in the USA
In line with numerous countries, the United States has implemented strict regulations that forbid the use of cell phone jammers in virtually all scenarios.
In accordance with the Federal Communications Commission, it is strictly prohibited by federal law to operate, market, or sell any kind of jamming equipment that causes interference with authorized radio communications. This prohibition extends to cellular and Personal Communication Services (PCS), police radar, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).
In the United States, it is against the law to sell, distribute, advertise, import, or market jamming devices to consumers. Any individual found using or promoting a jammer may be held accountable under the legal framework.
  • significant monetary penalties (fines of up to $11,000)
  • seizure of the unlawful equipment
  • criminal sanctions including imprisonment

No exceptions are granted for the use of jamming equipment in residences, businesses, vehicles, or classrooms. Local law enforcement agencies do not possess the independent authority to utilize such equipment. Only federal law enforcement agencies, in accordance with relevant statutes, are authorized to employ jamming equipment in specific limited circumstances.
In the United States, cell phone detectors are permitted, even though signal jamming is strictly prohibited.
Dealing with Jammed Authorized Communication: Recommended Actions
If you have been facing issues with your network connection, it is possible that a signal jammers is causing interference. It's important to note that various factors can contribute to poor network connections, and signal jammers are among them.
  • faulty equipment
  • physical obstructions that block the signal
  • lawful devices that are operating on the same frequencies

It is recommended to troubleshoot equipment and connectivity issues as per the manufacturer and service provider recommendations before lodging an interference complaint via the FCC Consumer Complaint Center. Alongside referring to your owner's manual and seeking assistance from the company's tech support, utilizing online resources to search for your device/model and the specific problem can aid in identifying or ruling out potential causes.
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