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Posted by Nelerat from the Health category at 02 Dec 2023 04:27:06 am.
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Whizzinatortouch is a reusable electronic device that holds and heats synthetic urine tobody temperature. It comes with a strap-on prosthetic and a vinyl medical gradepouch. The device has been on the market for 16 years and has a number ofpositive reviews. It received media coverage after NFL running back OnterrioSmith was caught with one while trying to evade a drug test. However, the newowners of the product claim it is an “adult novelty item” and not intended forillegal use or to defeat lawfully administered drug tests.

It’s easy to use

WhizzinatorTouch is an easy-to-use device that will help you pass a urine drug test. Itsinstructions are simple and the fake penis is available in a variety of skintones (brown, Latino, black, and white). It’s also guaranteed to work.

Thedevice works by using artificial urine that contains the same chemicals ashuman urine, including creatinine and urea. The synthetic sample is kept atbody temperature with the help of organic heat pads that last up to eighthours. Learn all about the incrediblefeatures of the whizzinator amazon by clicking here.

It’s reusable

TheWhizzinator is a synthetic urine device that can be used for wet sex andpranks. It has an ultra-quiet flow system and can be operated with one hand. Itcomes with a cleaning solution and instructions. It’s been on the market for 16years and has proved to be effective. It is reusable and undetectable inlaboratory urine tests. ALS’s product has undergone extensive testing and ismade of safe ingredients.

Theoriginal makers of the WHIZZINATOR were charged with trying to defraud the USgovernment. While they are no longer making the product, the device is stillavailable and being used to cheat drug tests. People who use it are not usuallyprosecuted, but it is illegal to sell it if you are using it to beat agovernment-mandated test.

It’s safe

TheWhizzinator is a goofy device, essentially a glorified dildo with a hole thatclean urine can sluice through. It’s funny until you zoom out and realize thatthis stupid device is necessary in America to help some people cheat a drugtest, whether they’re trying to get a minimum-wage job or hold onto their NFLroster spot.

Thecompany that took over the Whizzinator trademark now markets it as an adultnovelty product, but it’s no joke to those on probation who use it to thwartdrug tests. The manufacturer has been contacted by Hollywood because actorswant to use it for scenes that require fake urine.

Touse the Whizzinator, mix it with bottled water and fill up the vinyl pouch.Then, fix the belt around your waist and legs and cover it with your clothes.Each kit comes with a 100% cotton elastic belt with two comfortable leg strapsand a prosthetic in your chosen color, a vinyl medical-grade pouch, fourorganic heating pads, a 60ml syringe, one Golden Shower, and a set ofinstructions.

It’s affordable

WhizzinatorTouch is an affordable device that simulates male urination and is used forsexual fetishes, wet sex simulation, and pranking. The product has been on themarket for over fifteen years and is a reliable, easy-to-use solution. It hasan ultra-quiet flow system and can be operated with one hand. It is alsoreusable and easy to clean.

Thedevice comes with a cotton elastic belt with leg straps and a waistband, amedical-grade vinyl pouch, four organic heating pads that maintain realisticbody temperature for up to eight hours, a syringe, and instructions. It isavailable in white, tan, Latino, brown, and black. The Whizzinator can bepurchased online, but buyers should be aware of counterfeit products. It isimportant to purchase from a genuine vendor, and to follow the instructionscarefully.

It’s effective

TheWhizzinator Touch is a device that helps people pass urine drug tests. It worksby substituting real pee with fake urine. It comes with a prosthetic penis anda waist belt to help conceal it during a test. It also includes a resealablepouch and a sample of synthetic urine. It also comes with a detailedinstructions manual.

Thecompany that makes the device claims it has helped thousands of people passtheir drug tests. But it’s important to remember that using it illegally couldlead to criminal charges.
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