Break-in cell jamming technology avoid surveillance cameras

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Posted by jammer from the Family category at 30 Nov 2023 05:36:43 am.
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The individuals implicated in the break-in are utilizing Cell-jamming technology in order to circumvent surveillance cameras and avoid being captured on video.
The act of cell-jamming involves the use of devices to obstruct radio or wireless signals
CMPD has reported that burglars have managed to outsmart surveillance cameras during certain instances of home break-ins by utilizing advanced technology.
handheld wifi bluetooth signal blockers device
Cell-jamming, also known as signal interference, occurs when an individual utilizes a device to disrupt radio or wireless transmissions.
As per the Federal Communications Commission, it is against federal law to employ a phone-jammer, GPS blocker, or any other signal jamming device with the intention of intentionally obstructing, jamming, or interfering with authorized radio communications. It is crucial to understand that there are no exemptions for utilizing such devices within a business, classroom, residence, or vehicle.
A device situated roughly 30 feet away from the intended target, or even home cameras, could potentially cause cell-jamming.
A suspect was caught on video sneaking through a yard in a south Charlotte community during the night. Nevertheless, it should be acknowledged that not all instances have been captured on camera.
According to John Shocknesse, VP of Customer Operations for CPI Security, wireless devices are always susceptible to interference, and people will inevitably find ways to disrupt their communication.
It only takes a moment for someone to appear on camera, but with the implementation of cell-jamming, a simple flick of a switch or push of a button can erase any evidence of their presence.
In certain cases of home break-ins in south Charlotte, CMPD has acknowledged the occurrence of this problem.
According to Shocknesse, there has been no indication of the mentioned activity. They are well-informed about this situation and are diligently working towards obtaining the best and most advanced technology, which they consider to be of paramount importance.
WBTV inquired about the types of devices that are particularly susceptible to cell-jamming
According to Shocknesse, the absence of encryption becomes apparent in wireless devices that are considerably older.
He mentioned that the newer security and surveillance systems have been upgraded with superior technology, including encryption, thereby ensuring heightened levels of security.
According to Shocknesse, the importance of having cameras and onboard recording cannot be overstated. The cameras are fitted with memory devices, which means that if there are any issues, the footage of the incident is still being recorded and can be provided to the police department.
Furthermore, he emphasized that the optimal approach to thwart cell-jamming is to employ state-of-the-art technology with encryption and to select a wired device over Wi-Fi, in addition to his earlier advice.
In order to effectively deter home break-ins, it is recommended to implement straightforward measures such as maintaining adequate lighting, activating alarm systems, and regularly trimming bushes to a height no greater than three feet.
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