Hunt Signal Jammer locations and rewards in GTA 5 Online mode

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Grand Theft Auto 5's vast open world is filled with many collectibles and points of interest for players to discover. Among them are 50 signal jammers that can be found scattered across the city of Los Santos and Blaine County. Destroying these devices can grant players special rewards, but locating them can be tricky. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about hunting down signal jammers in GTA Online.
What Are Signal Jammers in GTA 5 Online?
Signal jammers in GTA Online are small electronic devices that can disrupt phone signals and block internet access. They appear as small black boxes with blinking green lights, usually found attached to the side of buildings or on rooftops.
When nearby a signal jammer, players will be unable to use their in-game cell phone to access contacts, emails, web browser and other features. The phone signal strength indicator in the top right corner will show zero bars and display "NO SIGNAL."
Destroying signal jammers is beneficial because they negatively impact the GTA Online game world. With the gps blocker active, players cannot rely on their phones for communication and access to information. Shutting the jammers down restores full phone functionality and internet connectivity across Los Santos.
Locations of All 50 Signal Jammers
The 50 signal jammers are spread far and wide across the massive map of GTA 5, from downtown Los Santos all the way to rural Blaine County. Their exact positions are fixed but accessing them can require some climbing, flying or other creative approaches.
Some useful spots to check for jammers include rooftops of skyscrapers, sides of office buildings, atop construction cranes, water towers, radio masts, cell phone towers, and remote high spots in the countryside. Referring to interactive maps available online can make locating the jammers much easier.
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