Reasons to Add 2 Bedroom Granny Flats to Your Backyard

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Posted by Sofia Levine from the Business category at 02 Nov 2023 08:36:11 am.
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The housing market is constantly rising, meaning people find it more and more challenging to move into bigger homes or renters to find acceptable living spaces. Perhaps you need housing for your growing children or elderly parents. Since you don’t want them away from you and you want to still keep an eye on them and provide protection, you need to find the right solution. The good news is that if you happen to have a generous backyard, you can consider building two-bedroom granny flats.

In this situation, you don’t have to move, and you don’t have to find housing for your loved ones. You can build a dwelling on your property and enjoy privacy at the same time. Of course, other benefits are involved, such as making an extra income if you rent the flat. All is possible with a team of specialized builders who know everything about granny flat designs in Sydney, NSW. They work closely with you to come up with a design that respects your main house and brings out the best in it.

2-Bedroom Granny Flats Are a Great Source of Income
The rent price is not reasonable anymore, and many people in the city are looking for solutions. Some move with friends or colleagues to split the bills, while others find rent outside the city and commute. Young students and professionals don’t have a generous income to afford their homes, and many don’t even want to become homeowners. They prefer to have flexibility and rent whenever they require housing. 2-bedroom granny flats are rented at a lower price, which offers the perfect opportunity to afford rent.

As the owner of the granny flat, you can ensure all amenities for comfortable living, including a fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom. All utilities are connected and functioning so that tenants can carry out their activities like in any regular flat or house. Builders make sure of this, and when you decide to build the granny flat, you will require legal permission. This should not be an issue, as contractors will assist in the process and mention everything needed.

You must comply with some requirements, as the granny flat cannot exceed a certain building plan. This is one of the reasons why it is strongly encouraged to hire specialists in such types of construction. They know everything about them and come up with grand plans and designs to choose from. First, they evaluate the available space and then recommend the plan based on what is possible and what is allowed by law. You will determine the budget required to build the flat at that point.

Why Choose 2-Bedroom Granny Flat Designs
Granny flat designs in Sydney, NSW, are diverse and versatile. You can find a plan for every space requirement. In fact, this is the main issue for all property owners. They must accommodate the dwelling based on the available space in the backyard. Also, the purpose of the granny flat matters, such as how many people you plan to house and how much you want to spend on the construction.

The two-bedroom version certainly offers more profitability since you can house two or three people inside. The value added to your home is also greater, and you can charge much more for rent or when you plan to sell the house entirely. Think of the dwelling as an investment in your future and what you leave to your kids. Since there are two bedrooms, one can be used by the family and the other as storage space, an office, a dressing, a guest room, and much more.

Granny flat designs are highly customizable. You can choose any style based on your preferences, the current state of the home, in what style it is built, modern or traditional. You can focus on a functional or luxurious flat, spacious or eco-friendly. Of course, you can combine the style and adapt the ideal one based on your needs and budget. Consult with the builders regarding the materials, where you will position each room, what flooring you want, and more.

Everything is built from scratch, which means it gives you the possibility to design the 2-bedroom granny flats however you please. Don’t settle with the ordinary when you can build a construction that has great functions and can be used for many purposes. In Sydney, NSW, you can find experienced professionals who know about these dwellings and how to design the ideal plan. They show you their portfolio to get inspired and develop your plan.

Extra living space
Who doesn’t need extra living space? This is one of the reasons why many people move into bigger homes. You can always build the granny flat for your personal use. Convert it into an office area where you have everything needed, especially privacy, to conduct work. You can turn it into a guest house to accommodate friends and relatives who are coming to visit. Why not a personal gym or recreational space?

If you have children, at one point, they will want to move out and become independent. Since this is not always possible due to financial reasons, allow them their space while knowing about their whereabouts. They can move into the 2-bedroom granny flats and enjoy the freedom of cooking, cleaning, and looking after themselves. There is no discussion that the granny flat finds a purpose on your property, and once you start thinking about it, more ideas will come.

Finding Builders in Sydney, NSW
To obtain the best results with the construction, the idea is to count on the right builders in your location. If you hire certified and licensed ones, you can rest assured they will not disappoint. The good news is that you can look online before getting in touch. Their websites have plans and designs they previously accomplished and what services they offer. It is the best way to find out if you are on the same page and if a granny flat is what your property requires to become more profitable.
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