How to Style Your Coastal Couch Pillows Like a Pro

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Posted by Sofia Levine from the Home and Garden category at 30 Oct 2023 05:38:34 pm.
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Pillows are a great accessory that can completely transform your room. Changing the pillowcases in your living room is a simple way to update the space for a new season or whenever you feel like giving it a facelift. Several various couch cushion alternatives exist from which you may pick to represent a seaside motif. Finding the ideal equilibrium between several factors, such as fabric, hue, pattern, and scale, may be daunting.

Coastal cushions in Australia are a great way to personalize your couch while making it comfier. Pillows come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and fabrics, so it is simple to put together a coordinated set reminiscent of a relaxing day at the beach.

Thankfully, some strategies might simplify the process for you. Here are some ideas for arranging your coastal couch pillows for a seaside look everyone will love.
How Many Coastal Couch Pillows Should You Place on Your Sofa?

Whether you want your couch to have a contemporary or classic style will determine how many coastal couch pillows you should put on it. Also, this is mostly a matter of taste. An even number of cushions works well for a classic design since it fosters the symmetry desired in a more formal area. A more relaxed vibe is achieved with an odd number of pillows. Usually, if you have a regular couch that can seat three people, it is advised:

  • Place an even number of square cushions on the couch, preferably four.
  • You could also go for an odd number of square pillows, a rectangle lumbar cushion, or a smaller square pillow to create a minimalist look: one on either end of the couch.
  • A sectional sofa is a hallmark of a relaxed aesthetic. In such instances, an odd number of pillows would be best. Depending on your preference, you may have two or three square pillows at either end and two square pillows plus a lumbar cushion in the centre. It is up to you whether you want two or three square cushions at either end of the couch.
  • Three pillows on each end may be more aesthetically acceptable if your sofa is on the longer side and you have an exceptionally spacious room with high ceilings.
What Size Your Cushions from Australia Should Have?

The number of coastal cushions you should use depends on whether you want your sofa to seem modern, casual, or traditional. Additionally, this is mostly subjective. Since symmetry is prized in a more formal setting, an even number of pillows work well in a classic design. Having an odd number of cushions creates a cozier atmosphere. If you have a standard sofa that can easily accommodate three adults, you should:

  • Use four square cushions on the sofa. One on either end of the couch might be enough for a minimalist design, or you could go with an odd number of square pillows, a rectangular lumbar cushion, or a smaller square pillow.
  • The trademark of casual decor is a sectional couch. It is recommended to use an odd number of pillows in this case. To your liking, two or three square pillows at either end and a lumbar cushion in the middle. Two or three square cushions may be placed at each sofa end as you see fit.
  • If your couch is on the longer side and you have a massive room with high ceilings, three coastal couch pillows on each end may be more visually acceptable.
How to Choose the Perfect Color Pallet

If you start from scratch while decorating a space, choose coastal couch pillows with three or four colours. The fabric's hues may then be used to find complementary accessories for the area, such as lighting, wall decor, furniture, and floor coverings. This will make your room appear more put together, and it may be less of a hassle than purchasing everything else and then attempting to locate a pillow that matches.

In practice, you will start with a blank slate only some times you decorate a new space. If you are switching out seasonal decorations, you may need some new coastal cushions to give the area a unique appearance and bring it up to date for the current season. In such a situation, take stock of the furnishings and existing colours in the space. Pillows should be chosen with your primary colour making up around 60%, the secondary colour 30%, and the accent colour 10%.
How to Find the Perfect Colour Balance

Here is where most people trip up, wondering whether the coastal cushions from Australia they have chosen are harmonious. The good news is there are no guidelines to follow. The most crucial factor is whether or not you enjoy your selections.

The first step is choosing whether you like a balanced appearance. Pillows on the left and right sides of the couch should be identical to create a symmetrical aesthetic, as is common in formal and conventional living rooms.

More relaxed living spaces are more likely to have asymmetry. However, even if your area is more conventional, you may enjoy asymmetry. Find out what serves you best. Mixing and matching pillow prints creates visual interest in a very symmetrical room. When choosing coastal couch pillows, you should follow this essential checklist:

  • One firm cushion
  • One patterned cushion, size medium (or big).
  • There is one plain, tiny cushion. If you are a fan of stripes, you may classify them as a "small/simple pattern" (the same goes for plaids, which are great for the holidays).
Is There a Certain Fabric You Should Consider?

You can get my free contemporary coastal design guide in Australia on various websites to learn more about using cotton and linen in your home decor. Light and airy, they also give your house a more organic appearance. As a result, whenever you shop for pillowcases, you should specifically seek ones made from silk or velvet.
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