Burglary suspect uses cell phone jamming technology bypass surveillance cameras

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Posted by jammer from the Shopping category at 26 Oct 2023 03:07:28 am.
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Cellular interference involves the use of equipment that interferes with radio or wireless signalswith radio or wireless signals
Cell destruction can be done with a device placed about 30 feet away from the intended target or via a home camera.
CMPD says thieves have figured out how to bypass security cameras and use technology in some burglaries.
This is called "cell interference" and occurs when a person uses a device to interfere with a radio or wireless signal.
According to the Federal Communications Commission, "It is a violation of federal law to use a phone jammer, GPS blocker, or other signal jamming device designed to intentionally prevent, interfere with, or disrupt authorized radio communications." A business, classroom, residence or vehicle. "
Cell destruction can be done with a device placed about 30 feet away from the intended target or via a home camera.
Video from a south Charlotte neighborhood shows a suspect sneaking through yards at night, but not all of the incident was caught on camera.
"Anytime you have wireless devices, whether it's Wi-Fi or whatever, you know people are going to find a way - how to jam them, how to try to prevent something from communicating," CPI Security Customer Operations said.
Within a few moments, someone is visible on camera, but as cells burst, with the push of a button or button, the person disappears or is not recorded.
CMPD says this problem has been seen in some break-ins in south Charlotte
“We haven’t seen any activity like this, so we’re aware of that and the most important thing is making sure we have the best technology and the latest technology,” Shocknesse said.
WBTV asked him which devices are more susceptible to cellular interference
"I think it will work on some older wireless devices that don't have encryption," Shocknesse said.
Newer security systems and surveillance systems have better encryption and are more secure, he said.
“I really don’t think we can emphasize enough the importance of having cameras and some onboard video,” Shockness said. “The cameras we put in there are equipped with storage so if something goes wrong, you can still record what happened and report it to the police.”
To complement this advice, he said the best solution to prevent cell phone interference is to use current encryption technology and wired devices rather than WiFi.
To prevent break-ins, simple tricks such as maintaining good lighting, turning on alarm systems and trimming shrubs to a height of no more than one meter can be effective.
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