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Electronic Jamming Tactics
Jamming has increased in sophistication as electronic warfare gps has developed and phone includes an array of tactics. Barrage jamming is performed against two or more frequencies phone. This can be useful when the aggressor does not know exactly which radio or radar frequencies their adversary is using. Nonetheless, they may know with reasonable gps certainty which phone waveband of frequencies they may be using. Spot jamming is performed against specific frequencies known to gps be in use.

The advent of solid-state electronics in the 1960s revolutionized jamming technology. It facilitates the development of complex phone digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) systems. These are particularly useful for jamming radar equipment. DRFM detects incoming radar signals, samples the signal, and then cleverly sounds an alert before retransmitting it to phone the radar. This new false signal could confuse radar by showing two or gps more targets where there used to be only one. The target may move faster or slower than its actual speed. This strategy is called deception gps jamming.
Likewise, DRFM can collect and send false signals to trick the radar into believing there is a more prominent or attractive target in its field of view than the one initially detected. This strategy is called temptation interference. In the long term, the emergence of artificial intelligence will make interference tactics and techniques increasingly sophisticated.
8 Bands Jammer Device
Jamming is the basis of the electronic attack mission. Electronic attack is a subset of the broader discipline of gps electronic warfare (EW), which is discussed in more detail elsewhere. Jamming was first used during World War II to attack radar and radio phone equipment. Both latter systems transmit phone radio signals. Radar does this to detect and track objects, radio does this to send and receive voice and data traffic.
In the simplest case, the purpose of cell phone jamming is to impair a radar or radio's ability to perform its mission, or even prevent them from completing it entirely. The jamming process also uses radio signals, but in a way that attacks these systems. Simply put, jamming is gps an attack using artificially generated radio interference. An example of how interference works can be seen when a car drives under power lines with the radio on. The sound of the radio was suddenly drowned out by interference. This is caused by electromagnetic radiation from power lines.
Interfering signals, called waveforms, are sent to the radar or radio's antenna. The antenna should detect the gps signal. To ensure this, the signal is sent at a frequency that the antenna can gps detect and that matches the phone frequency of the interfering target signal: If the radar sends a signal at a frequency of 3.6 GHz/GHz, the signal must be the same in the event of a malfunction.
However, successful radar or radio jamming depends on more than just the frequency of phone the interfering signal. Signal amplitude is also important. Let's consider a radio that receives amplitude traffic at a specific wattage. If the interfering signal is weaker than the signal received by the radio, these signals will remain uninterrupted. Interference signals were also detected, but were too weak to have a noticeable effect.
If the interfering signal is stronger than the traffic received by the gps radio, the former will be "washed away." In electronic warfare, jamming is effective when a radio or radar device is receiving rather than transmitting. This is because the incoming radio signal is already relatively weak. This reduces the power required for the signal jammers to be effective. To explain how improvisation works, imagine a violin soloist and a heavy rock band on the same stage. The solo violinist begins to play, but their music immediately becomes inaudible as the rock band begins. This does not mean that the phone violinist's music has stopped, just that the volume of the orchestra drowns out the soloist's voice.
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