Idf intensifies GPS jamming in West Asia to prevent Hamas and Hezbollah drone attacks

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Posted by jammer from the Careers category at 19 Oct 2023 02:24:42 am.
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According to a report in Israel-based newspaper Haaretz, the Israeli Defense Forces intensified GPS jamming in the region to prevent drone assaults by Hamas and Hezbollah.
According to the IDF, Israel is interrupting satellite navigation systems "proactively for various operational needs." "Citizens should be aware that the disruption can cause various and temporary effects on location-based applications," the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) told Haaretz.
According to the analysis, this will have two effects on GPS services. For starters, GPS signal reception can be fully disabled. Second, it may be faked, which means it can send bogus location data to the device.
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GPS receivers may be found in mobile phones jammer phone, aircraft, ships, and vehicles. They receive signals from many satellites at the same time and utilize them to compute their own precise location and altitude.
These identical receivers may also be found on cruise missiles and drones, where they are used to direct them to their destination. Any army organization interested in thwarting such an attack may emit forcefully on the required frequency band, preventing the GPS blocker device from receiving any satellite signal and completely disabling its operation.
Spoofing is a technique in which the signal mimics the genuine satellite signal and hijacks the GPS receiver. Once the receiver has locked on to the bogus signal, the disrupter will supply it with fake data, forcing it to compute and show an inaccurate position and altitude. This can result in the receiver reporting its genuine position dozens, if not hundreds, of kilometers away.
According to Haaretz, Israelis had GPS troubles last week because the IDF was apparently attempting to prevent Hezbollah's GPS-guided drones from entering far into Israel.
The publication said that Israelis are being impacted, citing an example in which a person from Haifa said his phone incorrectly indicated his position as being in the northern border area while being in Haifa. Residents in the West Bank said that their phones notified them that they were close to the Gaza border.
However, this may cause problems with the IDF HomeFront Command app, which provides information based on the user's phone location. According to the publication, blocking the app or the GPS transmitter on people's phones might result in a false signal.
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