How criminals use jammers and disarmers to disrupt WiFi security cameras

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Posted by jammer from the Education category at 29 Sep 2023 03:34:31 am.
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How criminals use jammers device and defuses to compromise Wi-Fi security cameras
The new warning applies to anyone using wireless security cameras like Ring to protect their homes.

A Detroit woman says her Ring camera didn't capture the moment her car was stolen outside her home, and local experts say that's because criminals have become more tech-savvy.
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Earlier this month, the woman said her car was stolen from her driveway and when she checked her Ring camera footage, she noticed the time was missing.

Chris Burns, owner of Techie Gurus, said security cameras that use Wi-Fi to record are more about convenience than safety. This is because Wi-Fi can easily be interfered with, preventing cameras from detecting people near your home, leaving criminals in trouble.

"Relying on wireless as a security aspect is a mistake," Burns said. "Wireless signals can easily be interfered with or blocked."

These scammers can use it like a WiFi jammer or deauther, which can be about the size of an Apple Watch.

If you stand close enough, the defuser will overload the WiFi system and force the WiFi camera to stop recording. Accessories only cost around $10 to $50. Jammers, on the other hand, cost between $150 and $1,000.

They are also extremely illegal, making jammers even harder to find. However, with the push of a button, powerful portable jammer can prevent WiFi security cameras from recording an entire street.

A Ring spokesperson issued a statement: "As with any Wi-Fi-enabled device, Wi-Fi signal interference can affect the performance of Ring devices. If customers are experiencing connectivity issues, we encourage them to contact Ring customer service."
How can customers protect themselves?
"For true security, it should always be hardwired, it should always be connected to Ethernet or something like that," Burns said.

A Ring spokesperson said that while the issue is well known, it is rare.

Burns said gps blocker are likely to become more popular as technology becomes cheaper, and it's important for people to be fully informed.
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