Why Are Boho Pillows So Much in Demand?

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Posted by Sofia Levine from the Home and Garden category at 28 Sep 2023 09:12:19 am.
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The Boho style, the short version of the word "Bohemian", has become very popular in recent years. This style is represented by a free-spirited, eclectic, artistic aesthetic, embracing a harmonious mixture of textures, patterns, and colors. And if you want to fill your living space with some real Boho vibes, you can do that with the help of Boho pillows.

Even those who do not want to arrange their entire house in a Boho style can still give their living or working environment a more relaxed vibe by incorporating Boho cushions. They can be compatible with various design trends, including the minimalist style. But this is just one of the many reasons people prefer using them in their homes.

Boho Pillows Are Colorful and Joyful

The main characteristic of Boho pillows is that they incorporate intricate patterns such as geometric designs, mandalas, or paisley. Also, they usually display vibrant colors. Because of that, these pillows can become the focal point of almost any kind of space and give the whole environment more style and character.

Due to their colors, such pillows render feelings of warmth, artistic expression, and vitality. Therefore, interior designers recommend them to people searching for an animated spirit for their home décor and who like to express their personality through the interior design they choose. Colorful and joyful, these pillows can help you feel better, more creative, and productive.

They Are Unique and Handmade

People who like knitted accessories and are fans of handcrafted products are likelier to choose Boho pillows for their homes. These pillows show meticulous attention to the most minor details. Because of that, every pillow can be a work of art, which sets this kind of product apart from the mass-produced ones and devoid of personal touch and style.

The artists also incorporate cultural elements into the design of these pillows, making them even more attractive to the eyes of the followers of the Boho trend. The people who like these pillows want to include a sense of uniqueness and artistic spirit in their homes.

They Are Versatile

Because they are very versatile, these pillows can fit into different spaces and environments. Depending on their exact pattern, they can go with eclectic, modern, and some versions of the minimalist style.

You can use them both for the indoor and the outdoor areas. You can usually place them on furniture such as chairs, beds, sofas, etc., and they can give a sense of coziness and relaxation, helping people sleep better and become more creative both in their professional and personal lives. But if you decide on using them for outdoor furniture, they must be made of waterproof materials such as Sunbrella fabric or polyester.

They Give You a Sense of Freedom

Many people like these pillows because they create a special place where they feel free from outside constraints and are more prone to engage in artistic activities. They are the perfect choice for those who think modern design poses many limitations and would otherwise feel trapped inside a contemporary-design, too-minimalistic space.

This type of people may consider that, by incorporating such style elements into their homes, they feel more entitled to lead a fulfilling, artistic life and embrace their unique qualities. They usually make Boho pillows in bright colors to improve your general mood, making you feel happier and more energized.

They Can Inspire You to Travel to New and Exotic Places

Due to their complex design and the fact that they are usually handcrafted, these pillows can inspire you to want to see exotic places such as India, Peru, or other regions in the world where the design of such cushions usually comes from. After all, being Bohemian also implies a lot of traveling and experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, tasting new types of food, or trying new fragrances.

Because of their appeal, you can get the impression that you would find this kind of pillow in a natural environment. And that can only make you add more plants to your living space, which can be great for your overall mental and physical well-being.

You can decorate your home with Boho pillows with different designs because if you put them next to each other, you can create a pleasant effect. For instance, you could assemble cushions with raised embroidery and pillows with tassels or fringes. When you combine various textures, the trick is to choose pillows with the same patterns and colors.

They Represent a Sustainable Choice

These pillows often include eco-friendly materials. Due to that fact, environmentally-conscious individuals like to use them in their homes. While supporting local artisans, people purchasing this type of pillows can significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

And choosing sustainable alternatives to the products on the market goes hand-in-hand with the bohemian ideology of living in perfect harmony with nature. That is why those who prefer Boho-style elements for their home décor choose organic shapes, textures, and vibrant colors. Laid-back and playful, this style is perfect for creating a genuinely relaxed atmosphere inside and around their home.

Are Boho Pillows Expensive?

Like most products, there can be a broader range of prices for Boho pillows. The reasons for this variation may include the type of material used or whether it is a designer's creation. The best quality materials used for these pillows are wool, linen, and cotton. Some other high-end materials may include silk, leather, or sheepskin. Because of these materials, the design of your home can attain a sense of depth and sophistication, making your living environment warmer and more inviting. Another reason some pillows may be more expensive than others is because they are filled with better-quality inserts, such as goose down.

Pillows with metallic accents can appear more luxurious. They can better accompany some other metallic elements in a room, such as a vase or a lamp, which can highlight the material's quality or appearance. They can also go well with decorative items such as paintings, rugs, or coffee tables. Pillows that can enhance the design of a room will cost more.
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