How Company Secretaries Support Directors and the Board

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An experienced company secretary is a strategic asset for directors and the board of an enterprise. Beyond core filings and compliance responsibilities, corporate secretarial services today play a multifaceted role in supporting the board. Here are some key ways competent secretaries assist directors:

Induction and Training
Corporate secretarial services schedule comprehensive orientations for new directors to understand the company, their duties, and expectations. Secretaries also continually assess training needs and organize suitable development programs to build director capabilities.

Providing Guidance
Directors can rely on corporate secretarial services for expert guidance on their roles and responsibilities across strategy, risk management, financial diligence, and compliance. Secretaries answer queries and ensure directors follow the correct protocols.

Arranging Meetings
Corporate secretarial services plan and schedule board and committee meetings well in advance. They prepare the agenda, circulate material, send timely reminders, and make logistical arrangements for seamless meetings.

Recording Minutes
During each meeting, corporate secretarial services record minutes capturing key discussions, deliberations, and decisions. Subsequently, they circulate the final minutes for formal confirmation by the board. Accurate minutes are imperative.

Offering Advice
Secretaries advise the board on matters ranging from governance best practices to the latest regulatory changes. Their counsel across compliance, disclosures, stakeholder engagement, and other matters assists directors in decision-making.

Ensuring Compliance
By staying updated on various regulations, corporate secretarial services ensure directors fulfill all compliance requirements. This includes filings, disclosures, due diligence, and appropriate delegation.

Managing Relationships
Secretaries serve as an important interface between the board and stakeholders like shareholders, auditors, advisors, and regulators. They facilitate productive communication and engagement.

Supporting the Chairperson
The company secretary supports the chairperson in developing meeting agendas, determining the frequency of meetings, assessing board effectiveness, and guiding the implementation of decisions.

Driving Accountability
Corporate secretarial services design frameworks to evaluate director and board performance. They initiate processes for seeking feedback and disclosure to stakeholders on accountability metrics.

Upholding Governance
Secretaries continually assess governance practices against codes, benchmarking and evolving best practices. They recommend enhancements to uphold exemplary governance standards.

In summary, the unique vantage point of corporate secretarial services as governance custodians, advisors, and coordinators enables them to provide well-rounded support to directors. This allows directors to contribute more effectively towards steering the strategic direction of the enterprise in the stakeholder interest.
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