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Posted by ravitejafe from the Tips And How To category at 25 Sep 2023 11:15:27 am.
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Canceling job interviews is not only acceptable but often necessary for a variety of reasons. For instance, family emergencies may arise, and you must take care of them. Car troubles may arise, and you can't make it on time, or perhaps the company has taken too long to respond to an applicant's questions about the role or given too few details about the position. Additionally, suppose an applicant receives another offer or no longer feels comfortable with the opportunity for any reason at all. In that case, they should feel able to turn down an invitation for an interview.
Though canceling an interview is understandable, candidates must practice proper etiquette by providing as much notice as possible so their would-be employers are prepared and not left in a difficult situation. People shouldn't assume that the hiring team will know why they're not showing up; instead, provide a brief explanation (even if vague) as soon as possible so that companies know about your absence. It's also important to reflect on feedback from canceled interviews to improve interview techniques for future positions. While canceling interviews may seem unprofessional and upsetting, it might be just what someone needs when needed most.
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