Best Wooden Flowers – An Outstanding Alternative to Fresh Flowers

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Posted by Sofia Levine from the General category at 18 Sep 2023 10:39:26 am.
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Everybody loves flowers. They brighten every room and bring happiness to those who get them. With many colors and forms, let alone their fragrance, they are a joy for sore eyes and an enchantment for every soul. Unfortunately, they wilt and fade quickly, and you cannot do anything about it.

Luckily, wooden flowers appeared on the craft market, and they were an instant hit from the beginning. Craftspeople, brides, and interior decorators are all in love with sola wood flowers. They are eco-friendly, sustainable, and quite spectacular. And you can have them for a lifetime. Not only do they look attractive, they also enhance the glamour of any occasion. Should you come across wooden flowers on sale, grab them! It is your chance to acquire something extraordinary for a reasonable price.

Sola Wood Flowers – a Unique Natural Creation

Sola wood flowers are becoming increasingly popular. Every day, the community of people who prefer these flowers is getting bigger and bigger. Despite their name, these handmade flowers are not stiff and board-like. On the contrary, they are soft, flexible, and relatively fragile.

They are made from the renewable wood of a marshy plant called Aeschynomene aspera. It is a plant that overgrows very quickly, and in terms of weight, it is one of the lightest known woods. This particular plant, called simply sola, has a layer of bark which, in most flowers, is stripped, and the center is made into thin sheets. The sheets are then hand-cut to create these natural, organic beauties.

Wooden Flowers versus Fresh-Cut Flowers

When you think about it, the best wooden flowers are to your benefit. The advantages of using wooden flowers instead of fresh-cut flowers outweigh the disadvantages. The more you think about this issue, the more you realize there are only benefits when choosing sola wood flowers. The first and foremost is their durability.

Unlike fresh flowers that wilt quickly, especially in summer, the best wooden flowers last a lifetime. They look almost like real flowers and can even have a scent of a particular essential oil, should you choose to have them in the scented version.

Another aspect worth mentioning is related to the cost. These handmade wonders are pretty cheap and are an affordable investment in any way you want to use them, whether you speak of floral arrangements, home décor, jewelry, or other accessories. Purchasing an already dyed and assembled wooden flower bouquet or any different floral arrangement will offer you at least 50% savings over a fresh flower arrangement.

Last but not least, there is an excellent variety of colors when choosing wooden flowers over fresh ones. Since the former is dyed by hand, the color possibilities are endless.

Environmental Impact of Sola Wood Flowers

Wooden flowers suit you best if you want to be more environmentally conscious. Since they are 100% organic, they are biodegradable, meaning they can decompose safely into the ground. Therefore, they bring no damage to soil, water, or air.

It is well-known that the beautiful fresh flowers we admire so much in various bouquets or arrangements come from fields or greenhouses where many chemicals are used to help them grow faster. With the best wooden flowers, the danger represented by different fungicides or pesticides does not exist.

These marvelous handcrafted creations do not require any machinery to form them, and no synthetic materials are needed to produce raw wooden flowers. The general statement is that they are the most environmentally friendly choice in production and disposal processes.

best wooden flowers

Flowers on Sale – Happy Budget

Flowers are usually quite expensive. When you have a wedding to plan or you want to add a fresh touch to your home décor, flowers on sale are perfect. You can have your dreamlike day or add natural greenery to your home and still be on the budget. And if those flowers last for a lifetime, it is even better.

The wood flower market is thriving, and sales are part of it. They are extraordinary opportunities to get what you need for half price, sometimes even cheaper. Each ceremony becomes a unique event when you have various flower arrangements. Weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, or other special occasions will become memorable if flowers are involved. And if you are open to alternatives, sola wood flowers make an excellent choice. They are gorgeous, cost-effective, and can withstand the summer heat. Best wooden flowers on sale, what could be more beautiful?

Best Wooden Flowers- Any Place, Any Time

Fresh flowers are in bloom only for a limited period. Imagine you are a bride and your wedding is in September. You love peonies, and you want them in your bouquet. But they are out of season, and you are on a tight budget. What can you do? Turn to sola wood flowers. They are the best alternative in terms of faux flowers. They are unique, often with a rustic look, but the overall impression is that they are gorgeous.

A pretentious bride might say they do not look exactly like natural flowers. Indeed, these flowers are not meant to replicate the precise look of fresh flowers. In photos, you cannot tell the difference between wooden and wildflowers, but this aspect is noticeable in person. However, this should allow everyone to purchase these magnificent creations. You can have them any time, any place.

The idea of using the best wooden flowers as an alternative to traditional fresh flower decorations is fantastic. Remember, they are entirely sustainable, eco-friendly, and, above all, cost-effective. They can be customized and personalized in countless style possibilities. The fact that they are handmade allows them to be dyed or painted in any way you want. The sky is the limit.

And the best thing is that they look fresh all year round. You get to keep these sentimental displays forever, or you can offer them to your guests as souvenirs. You can also reuse the flowers on sale to decorate your home or your office. There are a lot of possibilities. All you have to do is try sola wood flowers.
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