Question: Can Hair Extensions Help with Hair Loss?

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Posted by Hair_Doctor_1990 from the Health category at 25 Aug 2023 08:20:13 am.
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Quick answer: Yes, hair extensions (maybe you call them wiglets or hair toppers) can work for different types of hair loss conditions in women and men.

Hair loss comes in all shapes and sizes, in varying degrees, in temporary (illness-related) and permanent conditions, and it happens to both women and men. How the individual responds to it is unique as well – but a large portion of the public does not realize the range of hair loss solutions they have if and when those follicles fall out.

One surprising solution is hair extensions. It’s not something men discuss very often; in fact, it’s more often associated with female performing artists who need a high volume of hair to toss around on stage. But hair extensions have been used as a women’s hair loss treatment. The very word “extension” suggests a lengthening of hair – which it is not in every instance.

Hair extensions can indeed be just a fun addition to a wardrobe. But use one of the other names sometimes used for extensions – wiglets, or hair toppers – and the utility of them becomes clearer. Anyone with any type of hair loss, male or female, can find a solution in a hair extension.

The more elaborate version of an extension involves a salon-applied weaving of lace cap, cut to the approximate size of the bald spot. With well-matched color for the extension hair, these can be cut to the style of the wearer. For maintenance, gentle shampooing on a daily basis is possible, with occasional visits to the salon for professional washing and adjustments as deemed necessary.

Wiglets, hair toppers, and hair extensions are generally defined by the type of caps. They are:
      Lace front/hand tied – These are the most expensive caps. Also called the “classic caps,” these tend to be the priciest because individual hair strands are tied to the lace mesh in a way that mimics natural hair lays on the scalp.

        Monofilament – This is a flexible mesh material that allows hair to move or sway in a more natural way.

          Wefts – These have hair placed in rows, and require the stylist to weave your adjacent (existing) natural hair into the edges. It is the lowest priced of these three.

        Simpler versions of hair extensions do not require salon installation, and might work for individuals who only need them for special occasions or to address a temporary hair loss situation. Those include a clip-in hair extension, which snap onto existing hair. While putting it on is something the wearer can do, getting the right extension in the color, length, and style to match is still something an experienced stylist should do.

        Tape-in hair extensions instead adhere to the bald spot and are now resilient to sports activities, including swimming.

        As should be evident, there is a range of prices for these different types, as well as how long they can be worn and how they are maintained. The great thing about that is there is something there for every type of person.


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