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Posted by lisapeter from the Business category at 15 Aug 2023 08:14:57 am.
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Here are the steps you’ll take when replacing your computer’s battery:
  1. Purchase a new HP laptop battery
  2. Create a battery report in Windows
  3. Disconnect your laptop from a power source
  4. Remove the back panel of your laptop with a screwdriver
  5. Remove your old battery
  6. Connect your new EG04XL battery to the body of your laptop
  7. Replace the back panel
  8. Confirm performance with a new hp DN04XL battery report

Steps for HP Battery Exchange
To ensure that HP replacement battery works well, you should follow the following steps to get the new battery properly installed to the HP computer.
Step 1: Turn off HP computer and unplug power cable
First and foremost, you should switch off the HP laptop and unplug the power cable from the power source. By doing so, you can stop yourself from getting electric shock.
Step 2: Remove the back panel with screwdriver
For most HP computers, you need to remove the back panel for HP CN03XL battery replacement. You can do that under the help of the professional tool – Phillips-head #0 screwdriver. Some HP models has some rubber feet on the back panel, and you should remove them before accessing the battery.
In this case, use a plastic opening tool to remove the rubber. You should note that don’t make any harm to the computer components.
Step 3: Get out the battery in the computer
After opening the back panel with screwdriver, disconnect the cable connected to the EL04XL battery with care as any harm to these delicate parts can trigger other issues. Then, take out the battery completely.
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