There are many types of signal jammers such as EU version and US version

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Different countries choose different frequencies for mobile phone signal jammers
When you buy jammers, you should choose the signal jamming device according to the country you are in, because the signal frequency of each country is different, so the jammer you choose is also different. In this case, they can choose the signal jammer that suits them, because we know that there are different kinds of signal jammers, such as the EU version of the signal jammer and the US version of the signal jammer.
Now more and more people hope to obtain a signal blocker that can block signals in different frequency bands simultaneously or separately according to their needs. Now, in order to meet people's needs, more and more people have designed adjustable buttons and combined different jamming frequency bands together in one jammer to achieve their goals.
The best solution to get rid of GPS device tracking is a GPS jammer
Today, GPS tracking devices greatly assist people in orienting themselves. They play an important role in car navigation. They also help people find lost pets and cars. But at the same time, it annoys us that bad guys can learn someone's location through a GPS tracking device installed in a car.
To get rid of GPS device tracking, the best solution is a GPS jammers that blocks the GPS signal. They are designed to interfere with GPS navigation, tracking and data logging systems. GPS jammers can be used in cars, trucks, vehicles, homes or anywhere you think you are being tracked.
8 Bands JammerThere is a wealth of information on the internet, and you can easily find out if your state allows you to use a GPS jammer.Secondly, GPS jammers only prevent GPS devices from tracking vehicles, and have no effect on mobile phones.
No need to worry about whether your mobile phone can work normally in a car with a GPS jammer installed. Of course, some devices combine GPS jammers and cell phone jammer, which is why you should research that model before buying.
Third, the price of GPS jammers ranges from tens of fifty dollars to several thousand dollars. The price of a portable GPS jammer is only tens of dollars, while the price of a professional high-power remote-controlled GPS jammer can reach thousands of dollars. You should choose the one that meets your individual needs.
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