Yoga flow to balance Scorpio season traits

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Posted by elona from the General category at 09 Aug 2023 04:45:57 pm.
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Certainly, here's a more tailored yoga sequence inspired by Scorpio's traits and energies. Remember that astrology is a form of personal interpretation, so you can modify the sequence to suit your preferences and needs.
Intention Setting and Centering:
Begin in a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and set an intention for your practice. Connect with the Yoga flow to balance Scorpio season traits, envisioning yourself embracing change and growth.
Plank Pose (Kumbhakasana):
Start in a plank position to activate your core and connect with Scorpio's determination. Hold for a few breaths, feeling the strength in your body.
Scorpion Pose Preparation:
From plank, shift into a forearm plank. Slowly begin to lift one leg at a time, engaging your core and mirroring the scorpion's poised intensity.
Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) Variation:
Transition to Cobra Pose with an emphasis on opening your heart and chest. Visualize shedding any emotional barriers and embracing vulnerability.
Eagle Pose (Garudasana):
Flow into Eagle Pose to encourage balance and focus. As you wrap your arms and legs, imagine channeling Scorpio's ability to delve deep into emotions while maintaining control.
Lizard Pose (Utthan Pristhasana):
Move into Lizard Pose to open up your hips and stretch your groin. As you breathe into this pose, connect with your inner emotions and hidden vulnerabilities.
Twisted Chair Pose (Parivrtta Utkatasana):
Transition into a Twisted Chair Pose, symbolizing the act of embracing change and transformation. As you twist, feel a sense of release and renewal.
Warrior II Pose (Virabhadrasana II):
Flow into Warrior II, embodying Scorpio's strength and determination. Channel this energy as you gaze over your front fingertips, focusing on your intentions.
Half Lord of the Fishes Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana) Variation:
Come into a seated twist, gently exploring the depths of your body and emotions. Imagine unraveling any emotional knots within you, allowing space for growth.
Corpse Pose (Savasana) with Visualization:
End your practice in Corpse Pose. Imagine yourself shedding old layers, like a scorpion shedding its exoskeleton, making way for new beginnings. Rest and absorb the transformative energy of your practice.
Throughout this sequence, honor your body's limitations and always prioritize safety. Connect with the energies of Scorpio season and embrace its transformative power. Allow your practice to guide you towards self-discovery and growth, mirroring the essence of this intense and passionate astrological sign.
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