Mobile phone jammer available - but illegal

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Posted by jammer from the Boating category at 28 Jul 2023 03:10:03 am.
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Philadelphia (CBS) - What is a cell phone jammer? Why don't we all have one?
Dean Liptak, a Florida high school teacher turned professional wrestler, has had administrative and legal troubles recently. Imagine telling that person you forgot your science homework. Not for slapping a teen in desperate need of an attitude adjustment to the mat (although one can only imagine the fortitude it would take to not do it on a daily basis). Instead, he found a less aggressive but more illegal way to stop kids from checking their phones in class.
Liptak brings to schools cell phone jammer, radio frequency transmitters designed to block, jam or otherwise interfere with authorized radio communications. The device blocks cell phone signals and prevents teens from using their phones.
The problem is that it prevents everyone in the area from using their phones, including emergency responders. That's why you need to know that even though you can buy them on the Internet, federal law prohibits the marketing, sale, or use of jammers.
Mr Liptak is currently suspended without pay. He may need to find an easier job. Things like using pile drivers, choking bashes, and jumping brain damage to make a living.
A Florida teacher has been suspended for using signal jammers to prevent students from using their phones in class.

Teacher suspended for jamming mobile phone in classroom
Pasco County School Board members on Tuesday approved a five-day suspension without pay for Dean Liptak. Liptak did not dispute the decision.
Liptak activated the jammers in his Fivay High School classroom between March 31 and April 2, officials said. He later told school district investigators that he never intended to create a problem. He said he believed gps blocker were allowed as long as they were not done for malicious purposes.
Sheriff Kurt Browning wrote in a letter of reprimand that Liptak may have violated federal law by jamming signals that could interfere with others calling 911 in an emergency.
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