Control Shielded Areas Using Directional Antenna Jammers

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The weather can also affect the effectiveness of the jammer
  1. At present, the power and channel of each base station are different, and the distance from each base station to the prison is also different.
  2. It is generally recommended that the gsm jammer is located within a monitoring area of 200 meters or 300 meters without the need for a base station laptop to be installed.
  3. If there are base stations, it is necessary to consider the impact of strong signal shielding on high probability base stations.
  4. The scale, number of buildings, structure, height, and floor height of each prison vary.
  5. The distribution direction, power, terrain and other factors of mobile phone base stations around each prison are different, and the strength of Mobile phone signal signals transmitted by remote base stations are also different
The most popular 8 band jammers
Generally, the transmission power of the Mobile phone jammer is tested within 30W in the test room, so the theoretical shielding range of the Mobile phone jammer in the test room is about 0~20m. But please note that this is the theoretical distance. The actual effect should be combined with local signal strength, especially when there are signal base stations nearby. If there is a signal base station within 200 meters, the shielding effect will be greatly reduced. Walls can also weaken the shielding effect of radio interference devices on laptops. Due to the strong signal near the window, the shielding effect will be weakened. The standard classroom of the school is usually about 75 square meters, and each classroom is equipped with a Mobile phone jammer to achieve better results. It can be placed in the middle of the classroom for maximum protection. Of course, this must be determined in conjunction with the power wiring. It is also common to place cell phone jammer on the podium.
  • In the same environment, the base station signal can also be affected by wind interference and air humidity.
  • This can also cause fluctuations in the signal field strength. In addition, there are differences in the intensity of the infield and outfield.
  • The adverse effects of ground building structures and metal objects on GPS jammers are very complex for mobile devices.
  • Based on the project budget, the selection of mobile jamming devices should be reasonably planned. The selection of shielding equipment should consider shielding radius (i.e. power), performance stability, and service life.
  • It must also be determined based on the on-site environment. At the same time, consider using mobile phone jammers with adjustable radius (i.e. adjustable power) or using directional antennas to control the main transmission area (direction) of the shielded signal.
Power Adjustable Jammer
The most important place to use the Mobile phone jammer is the school examination room, especially the high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination, CET-4 and CET-6. There are also many schools that have installed jammers. They use mobile phones for a long time in class, and usually use mobile phones in the Final examination. Some schools even use mobile phone jammers in their classrooms. So how can we install a mobile phone blocker in school exam rooms to achieve the best results? We will elaborate on the different situations mentioned above.
Super effective Mobile phone jammer
The purpose of the gsm jammer is very clear and simple in frequency: to prevent communication on certain frequencies. However, since it is not easy to prevent devices from communicating with other devices, the solution to prevent this type of information transmission is very simple, similar to DDoS attacks: introducing noise at a specified frequency, unnecessary information will saturate the tape. Prevent them from obtaining true information. signal jammers can be used to interfere with various types of communication or devices such as cellular networks, radar, Bluetooth, GPS, infrared, etc. Although widely used
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