The best LENOVO 5120mAh/38.9WH 7.6V for Laptop Battery

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Posted by anna201 from the Business category at 23 Aug 2019 07:30:11 am.
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BRAND NEW - premium quality LENOVO L15L4PC1 laptop replacement battery. designed for reliable performance and high durability, this battery is 100% compatible with the original equipment.
  • Brand: LENOVO Compatible Battery Product List
  • Replaceable with the following models: L15L4PC1
  • Rechargeable battery type : Li-ion
  • Color: Black
  • Current : 5120mAh/38.9WH
  • Voltage : 7.6V
  • Capacity : 38.9WH
  • Encoding : LEN19I555
  • Supported models : L15L4PC1 L15M4PC1

Good Tips For Getting Maximum Shelf Life For Your LENOVO L15L4PC1 Laptop Battery:1. Your new laptop battery comes in a discharged condition and must be charged before use (refer to your computer manual for charging instructions). Upon initial use (or after a prolonged storage period) the battery may require two to three charge/discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.
2. When charging laptop battery for the first time your computer may indicate that charging is complete after just 10 or 15 minutes. This is a normal phenomenon with rechargeable batteries. Simply remove the LENOVO L15L4PC1 battery from the computer and repeat the charging procedure.
3. It is important to condition (fully discharge and then fully charge) laptop battery every two to three weeks. Failure to do so may significantly shorten the battery's life (this does not apply to Li-Ion laptop batteries, which do not require conditioning). To discharge, simply run your device under the battery's power until it shuts down or until you get a low battery warning. Then recharge the battery as instructed in your user's manual.
4. If laptop battery will not be in use for a month or longer, it is recommended that it be removed from the device and stored in a cool, dry, clean place. It is normal for replacement laptop battery to become warm during charging and discharging.
5. A charged laptop battery replacement will eventually lose its charge if unused. It may therefore be necessary to recharge the battery after a storage period.
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