What are Lima beans?

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Margarine Beans Versus Lima Beans: Is There A Distinction?
Could it be said that they are something very similar, or do these terms allude to various kinds of beans?
What are Lima beans?
To the extent that Southern food discusses go, the one about whether margarine beans and lima beans are exactly the same thing produces just somewhat less energetic contending than whether sugar has a place in cornbread (it doesn't) or on the other hand assuming it's consistently satisfactory to utilize moment custard blend for banana pudding (by no means). However the bean contention emerges, with individuals swearing savagely by their conviction, somehow. You'll see them named in various ways in the store, all things considered: frozen lima beans, canned spread beans, dried huge limas — or is it dried enormous margarine beans?
Ends up, lima beans and margarine beans are exactly the same thing. The two terms allude to similar species, Phaseolus lunatus. As per Wheeler Foshee, teacher of agriculture at Reddish College, the two terms boil down to vernacular contrasts: "Individuals in the South will generally call them margarine beans, particularly when they're new." (People are bound to refer to them as "lima beans" in the event that they're dried.)
In any case, why two terms for a similar bean? Indeed, lima beans get their name from Peru's capital city, Lima, where they've been developed for over 9,000 years. While we can't say with 100% sureness how these beans likewise came to be known as spread beans, we can offer a hypothesis: See, lima beans were much of the time disdained, so some semantics probably became an integral factor to urge individuals to eat them. They truly do have a smooth, rich surface when they're cooked, so "margarine beans" is a fitting moniker.
Anything they're called, and at anything that phase of development you track down them — dried mature beans, frozen youthful ones, canned ones of all ages — simply realize that these gentle, smooth beans are tradable.
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