Mmoexp FIFA 23:Some bugs break the gameplay

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Posted by DonnaStella123 from the Agriculture category at 10 Jun 2023 01:57:03 am.
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FIFA 23 has been out for less than two weeks and the blunders just keep piling up. In the latest episode of 201cHow did EA mess up this time201d PlayStation 5 users were given early access to the FIFA 23 World Cup mode. FIFA is like a box of chocolates. You never know which bug you2019re gonna get.

Some bugs break the gameplay, others the FUT Market. Some are simply funny and in these rare instances, we get a user-friendly glitch in the FIFA matrix. PS5 players enjoyed the best kind of bug in FIFA 23. In what was certainly an accidental leak, owners of the current-gen Sony console were given early access to the FIFA 23 World Cup mode. Players didn2019t need to do anything special, just click on the World Cup tab and the menu showed up in its unfinished glory.

We say unfinished because not a lot works as intended at present. Most match options are off-limits, although some players apparently were able to connect for online matches. A lot of nations don2019t have a flag or a squad yet. The menu headers even state 201cplaceholder201d for anyone who might get confused that this is an official hidden launch.

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