Diablo 4 Status Effects Guide

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Posted by fangbing from the Agriculture category at 23 May 2023 12:43:49 am.
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Status Effects are the buffs and debuffs that affect the player or your enemies when using Skills in Diablo 4. Their effects can range from lowering defenses, casting CCs and loss of control, or simply granting your temporary character invincibility during combat. In this article, let’s take a look at all Status Effects you should know.

Barrier: Generates a shield around the target that absorbs damage from all sources up to a specified amount.
Berserking: Grants 25% increased damage and 30% increased Movement Speed. This effect lasts up to 5 seconds.
Bleeding: Targets that are bleeding are dealt damage over time based on percentage weapon damage.
Blood Orbs: Heals you for 15% of your Maximum Life when picked up.
Burning: Target takes Burn DoT (damage over time).
Chill: Movement Speed is reduced. Targets repeatedly affected by Chill will be Frozen.
Close: Refers to enemies that are within melee range.
Crackling Energy: this is spawned by attacks like the Sorcerer’s Chained Lightning. When picked up, periodic damage is dealt to nearby enemies.
Crushing Blow: Overpowering deals bonus damage based on the sum of your current Life and Fortified Life.
Daze: Cannot attack or use Skills, but affected targets will still be able to move.
Distant: Refers to enemies that are outside melee range.
Fear: Affected target loses control and flees away from the caster.
Fortify: Target takes 10% reduced damage. Fortified activates if you have more Fortify than your current Life (HP).
Frozen: Enemies can be Frozen by repeatedly Chilling them. When Frozen, enemies cannot attack ore move.
Healthy: Refers to the threshold of having 80% or more Life.
Hex: Hexed targets are transformed into harmless creatures for a short time. Their passive effects are nullified and they cannot attack nor move.
Immune: While Immune is active, the enemy or player can’t be damaged and all negative effects are removed and prevented.
Knockback: Target gets toppled. Cannot move or attack until the standing animation finishes.
Immobilize: Immobilized targets cannot move.
Injured: A character is considered Injured if they have less than 35% of their Maximum Life.
Lucky Hit: it allows you to use several unique effects based on your total lucky hit chance.
Overpower: When you or an enemy has Overpower, they deal bonus damage based on the sum of their Maximum Life and Fortified Life.
Slow: Target to have reduced movement speed.
Stealth: If a character has stealth, they cannot be targeted and will come out of stealth after taking damage or using an attack.
Stun: Stun causes its target to be unable to move, use skills, or attack.
Taunt: It forces a target to switch aggro to the caster of the effect.
Tether: Tether prevents its target from moving out of its radius. It can be removed by Immune/Unstoppable or if the Tethered target dies.
Unstoppable: All Impairing Control Effects are removed once active. Also prevents you from being affected by CCs for a short duration after activation.
Vulnerable: Affected targets take 20% increased damage.

Those are all of the Status Effects in Diablo 4 right now. Thanks for reading. For more content and guides, head to our Diablo 4 game hub - U4gm.com. What’s more, you can buy cheap Diablo 4 gold here, and 100% safe!
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