Accessory Essentials for Brides and Bridesmaids

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Posted by moviegoer from the Wedding category at 27 Apr 2010 08:52:40 am.
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(MS) -- When it comes to weddings, much is made of the bride's wedding gown. Typically the end product of an exhausting yet enjoyable search, a bride's wedding gown is, along with the bride herself, often the focal point of the day.

As central as the wedding dress is, brides also know their look is never complete without the right accessories. Arguably the most important accessory, aside from the groom, is the jewelry the bride and her bridesmaids will be wearing on the big day.

According to Amy Yankelevitz, designer and founder of Hazel & Harlow Jewelry, how the bride selects the accessories and jewelry pieces for herself and her bridesmaid can be one of the most important, and very personal decisions for her special day. Incorporating family heirlooms, favorite keepsakes and contemporary styles can be complicated, but Amy believes in choosing delicate pendant, earrings and even bracelets, but always remember the focus is on the bride's

face and neckline so keep your jewelry selections to just one or two special items.

"A signature pair of earrings (our Heart of Gold styles are perfect) highlights the bride's hair and neckline without competing with the dress," says Yankelevitz.

Because many brides recognize the importance of jewelry when creating their bridal ensemble, Yankelevitz offers the following jewelry tips for brides on their big day.

* Match jewelry with your gown. No two brides are ever the same, but there are similarities between wedding gowns and certain jewelry that goes well with each type of gown. For example, the type of necklace a bride chooses will depend on the neckline of her gown.

When the bride is interested in matching a piece of jewelry with her wedding dress, we believe the lines and flow of the dress are the defining accents to consider. If the bride has chosen a vintage, lacy gown, then something antique, or beaded and chandelier style is beautiful. For a more clean, modern and linear style dress, a simple charm or statement piece, such as Hazel & Harlow Love Bird Pendant or Crescent Moon, is ideal to enhance the wedding gown or dress without taking away from the complete ensemble

Recognizing the myriad style wedding gowns, Hazel & Harlow jewelry offers an extensive catalog, ensuring that each and every bride will find the right accessories no matter the style of her dress. Made from fine sterling silver and 24K gold vermeil, all pieces of Hazel & Harlow jewelry are hand carved, hand etched and enhanced with beautifully set topaz stones.

* Consider a splash of color. Today's brides aren't solely hoping to look elegant and demure. They're also hoping to attract attention. And nothing helps to do just that more than some colorful jewelry to complement your white wedding gown. Colored gems and even yellow diamonds are a growing trend among brides. If that's not your thing, the Hazel & Harlow Web site boasts an assortment of designer collections, enabling visitors to enjoy creations by comparable artists from all over the global fashion community, including luxury and moderate priced brands that speak to the trendsetter within every bride.

* Go green. Perhaps no trend is more popular or hot button than the go green movement. As a result, many brides are showcasing their environmental side and embracing a growing trend among bridal jewelry, namely the choice of nature-inspired jewelry that includes themes such as flowers, butterflies, leaves, and rosettes.

Hazel & Harlow is inspired by the whimsical, organic and feminine styles of vintage Paris, with the unique birds, floral motifs, animal and leafy carvings and filigrees so elegantly done by the designer. Everything about Hazel & Harlow jewelry evokes a mood and feeling of nature, and the growing interest in the collections of more floral inspired pieces is a true testament to the bride's desire to incorporate these classic themes into their memorable day.

For more information or to peruse their extensive collection, visit Hazel & Harlow at

CAPTION: Both the Love Bird Pendant (above, l.) and the Crescent Moon (r.) from Hazel & Harlow are ideal choices to enhance a wedding gown or dress without taking away from the complete ensemble.
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