5 Work Culture Areas to Emphasis When You’re Remote

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Posted by timechamp1 from the Business category at 11 May 2023 09:36:49 am.
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The benefits of working remotely are clear: you can work where and when you want, and your business is not beholden to geographical boundaries.
This freedom can be a double-edged sword, though — without the right culture in place, it’s easy for your remote team to dissolve into isolation and disorientation.
Building a successful work culture is critical to helping companies succeed.
What does it take for an employer to make a work environment that keeps team members motivated and productive?
So what should you do? Here are five areas that remote workers need to prioritize:
1) Communication:
Make sure everyone is on the same page by employing tools like Slack or Zoom.
For a remote team, it’s especially essential to keep virtual workforces in the loop, to avoid the feeling of isolation, and to strengthen a sense of shared mission.
Team meetings can be a great way to share any frustrations and come up with solutions that lift efficiency.
2) Calendars:
Organize time slots online so no one has any scheduling misunderstandings or conflicts between two meetings.
To avoid these things update your calendar daily so that work can go smoothly.
3) Socializing:
Schedule regular video chats with colleagues for some virtual bonding time.
4) Team spirit:
Remind your team about fun events within your company.
Establishing a strong remote company culture is not an empty “feel-good” gesture; it’s a powerful marker that can keep you accountable and provide a motivating sense of mission for your team.
5) Scheduling:
Make sure you are all on the same program setup. Have a plan and stick to it! Strong work culture is driven by clear direction from the top, for both short- and longer-term organizational goals.
These five areas are enough to keep your remote workers focused and happy!
I am sure that some of these 5 things will be unique to you, so feel free to post more in the comments below or share it with other remote workers.
At Time Champ, we help your organization improve employee engagement, retention, and productivity through social tools and measures to transform work culture into more productive.
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