Features of 1923 Leica

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A confidential gatherer in Asia just got her or himself the most costly camera at any point sold at closeout, carrying off a super uncommon Leica 0-series no. 122 at the staggering cost of €2.4 million (roughly $2.97M USD, or £2.15M) — a total came to when you join the mallet cost of €2 million with the €400,000 premium.
features of 1923 Leica
The bartering occurred on Saturday at the popular WestLicht sales management firm in Vienna, where Leica greater part proprietor and executive of the board Andreas Kaufmann was there to watch the record be set.

As per WestLicht, the galactic cost "mirrors the camera's awesome unique condition." Just 25 of these 'test' cameras were delivered by Ernst Leitz in 1923 — two years before the principal Leica camera was authoritatively brought to showcase — and WestLicht claims that of those 25, simply three are known to in any case be in 'unique condition.'

Discussing which: this deal beat the previous €2.16 million (~$2.67M USD) record cost paid for another Leica 0-series (no. 116) in 2012.

Leica camera sold for 2,400,000 Euro (USD 2,976,000) at WestLicht record closeout

The 32nd WestLicht Camera Sale brought not one however two record winning outcomes. With the new world record cost of 2.4 million Euro (2 million mallet cost in addition to premium) the Leica 0-series no. 122 is the World's most costly camera to date. Moreover, the closeout ended up being the best one in the rich history of the Vienna sales management firm.

The Leica 0-series had begun at a cost of 400,000 Euro and rose to an outcome multiple times higher. A confidential gatherer from Asia arose as the champ from the thrilling offering war. The momentous cost positively likewise mirrors the camera's phenomenal unique condition. In 1923, two years before the principal Leica was acquainted with the market, Ernst Leitz created 25 of this test camera, just three of which are known to in any case be in the first condition.

The past record holder, a Leica 0-series with no. 116, was additionally unloaded at WestLicht in 2012 for 2.16 million Euro. Peter Coeln, WestLicht pioneer: "The remarkable outcome indeed accentuates the global driving place of our closeout house". Leica greater part proprietor and administrator of the board Andreas Kaufmann added: "This world record cost of 2.4 million Euro shows the continuous and steadily developing legend of the Leica brand."

A further magnificent outcome was accomplished by one more Leica camera from the popular assortment of Jim Jannard (pioneer behind Oakley): A Leica MP-89 dark paint moved from a beginning cost of 120,000 to 456,000 Euro. A Leica MP-2, the principal camera with electric engine drive, changed proprietorship for 432,000 Euro. For the nearly safe amount of 48,000 Euro a gatherer bought the Hasselblad Lunar Surface SWC which was made for the Apollo missions.

The general deals pace of the 32nd WestLicht Camera Sale was at 91% of the 530 parts, with near 100 percent among the Leica things.
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